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Hector Edwards
If you mean seeing me do wonders with my hands, then yes.
Fri Sep 24, 2010 17:27

After a year of waiting in the sidelines for some good old fashioned Quidditch, Hector was more than ready to show everyone at SUM what he was capable off. His senior year at RMI had been Quidditch-less, thanks to Guido and his stupid Muggle Immersion Program. He had truly missed one of his favorite past times, though Andreia had certainly taken his mind off of the sadness of not having Quidditch. That girl had been a very good distraction. He had to admit that thanks to the younger Cardozo, he hadn’t missed the sport that much.Unfortunately for the blonde, Andreia was in Boulder, Colorado, and he was at SUM, an educational institution that supported the wonderfulness that was Quidditch. A point in favor of SUM.

Now, it was time to step on everyone with his amazing Quidditch skills. He knew he was good, otherwise he wouldn’t have been scouted for the English national team. He had seriously considered it, but he was transferred to RMI, and Quidditch was more of a hobby than anything else. Something he happened to do well, along with the rest of his other amazing abilities.

Hector hated wearing robes, they just didn’t show off his perfect body. Like always, he was wearing Muggle clothing, it was a very rare occasion to see the blonde in robes. His family and the circle he was part off, had already gotten used to his fashion sense, a lovely perk that came from being feared. Quite honestly, Muggles had a better fashion sense, and their clothes were more comfortable. That was the only thing he could accept that the Muggles did right. For the try-outs he had chosen a pair of jeans, black long-sleeve polo, and a black leather jacket. He was sure he looked amazing, like he always did. Grabbing his new custom-made Chaser broom, he made his way to what he was sure would be a fun day at the pitch.

His hazel-eyes were meticulously assessing what was supposed to be his competition, while absentmindedly listening to what the coach was saying. He had heard the basics: introduce yourself, and where to go. So far, so good. He smiled smugly, this was his turf there was no doubt he would make the team…Hector was that good. He cracked his knuckles in anticipation of what was coming, he couldn´t wait to get up in the air, and do his thing. He wanted to get this started, and make everyone else jealous.

He rolled his eyes at Darla introducing herself, he was of the idea that she was not capable of running her life, let alone the Quidditch team. He wondered if she would get the captaincy again, he really hoped she didn’t, she didn’t deserve it. After his lovely bride-to-be finished with her introductions, he spoke up “Hector Edwards, I am trying out for Chaser. I have played the position since I was a second year in Hogwarts. I was the Slytherin Captain from my fourth year until my sixth year.” He smiled smugly once again, and continued talking “I was drafted for the English national team.” He slid his right hand onto his jean pocket. The freshman smiled at Elly-waitress, the girl was weird but pleasant enough. As He waited for everyone to introduce themselves, he rapidly lost an interest on the mundane task. His mind wandered into a more pleasant place.

Now that everyone was starting to try-out, he quickly regained interest on what was happening at the Pitch. Out of the corner of his eye, he saw mentally-challenged lesbian captain try-out for Seeker. Quite personally, he hated seekers on principle, their position didn’t require any particular skills, and much to his chagrin, they got almost all the glory. He rolled his eyes, and instead focused his attention on Mia. He smiled proudly, she was good. They would make a very good team, crushing everyone on their path. Mia was good for that, among other pleasant things.

After she landed, he took off his jacket and placed it on her shoulders and smirked at her. He adjusted his Chaser gloves, hoped on his broom, and he was ready to go. With the Quaffle under his left arm, he zoomed towards the goal. Out of the corner of his hazel eyes, he was looking out for the Bludgers. He began flying, rapidly zigzagging avoiding the metal balls, and trying to confuse the Keeper. He threw the Quaffle to the left-hoop. Score! Hector rapidly caught the Quaffle and charged again. He made a sudden stop in front of the Keeper, and fooled him changing the direction, instead of throwing it towards the right hoop, the Quaffle easily passed the center hoop. Score two. This was going well. The dummy was moving faster, the blonde assumed that the level of difficulty would get higher. Good. His body was parallel to his broom, he flew straight-forward, and once again threw the Quaffle to the center ring, and he scored. Barely. Three out of four. The last goal had to be the hardest one. He quickly assessed the situation before charging for the last time. He threw the Quaffle one last time, and before it passed the line that delimited the Keeper’s turf, Hector used his fist to change the ball’s direction. It was rather difficult to calculate the exact place where it needed to be hit, so it would go straight to its goal…beat the Keeper. It went through. Four out of four. It took about the same time that Mia had, give or take a few seconds, but really, he wasn’t counting.

The Chaser descended feeling quite smug about himself, and his amazing performance. No one could deny his skills, if he so wanted, he would outshine every Chaser wanna-be. More like, he had done it, with the exception of Mia. He had to admit her skills with a Quaffle could easily match his own. Not that he would ever say that to her directly, she had enough of an ego as it was.

He walked towards where she was, and closed the gap between them by grabbing her waist. He didn’t want anyone getting silly ideas about his fiancée.

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    • If you mean seeing me do wonders with my hands, then yes. — Hector Edwards, Fri Sep 24 17:27
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