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Calix Panos
Fri Sep 24, 2010 19:57

It was with no surprise that Calix woke to the feel of hard wood pressing up against his face. He gave a quiet groan and then gingerly peeled himself off the floor of his dorm room. Cracking his neck, and then back, he looked over at his roommate but he seemed to be sleeping. He picked himself up with a wince, feeling every sore inch of his body whining at the movement, and looked out the window. A blue sky but little light. There seemed to be a greyness about the campus, and from his view no one was out.

'Maybe... three o'clock?'

He looked behind him at the clock in his room. 3:14. He looked back out the window. He liked guessing the time based only what the sky looked like to him. He studied it now; a pale blue, so much light shining but not enough to conquer the gray shadow of the morning. He imprinted the image in his brain.

'This is what 3:14 looks like.'

He noted the leaves on various trees quivering. Their vibrations were beginning to pick up. Calix turned away and began to dress, figuring he might as well start preparing for the try outs now that he was up.


The quivering had evolved into a full blown quake by the time try outs were beginning. Calix hugged his brown sweater to himself, the beaten fabric doing little to keep him warm. He thought about the soup he'd make for himself later on to warm up. Mikey had liked his cooking, especially since when Calix made Chicken Noodle Soup, he had forwent the vegetables and noodles and had just served chicken strips in broth. They both liked it that way.

The coach asked all those gathered at the try outs to introduce themselves. When it got to his turn, Calix straightened up and forced his hands to his sides. He was representing the Panos name. So what if it had been forgotten? He was going to restore the family honor.

"Calix Panos. I'm trying out for beater and keeper. In my old school, Andros Prep, I played keeper for my team since my third year but I much prefer beater." As usual, his foul New Jersey accent was forcibly fought down and replaced with the New England accent he had skillfully adopted.

After everyone had introduced themselves, Calix listened carefully to the instructions. While everyone else dispersed, Calix tried to decide which position he wanted to try for first. He was only really trying for Keeper because for one, he was good at it; and two, as a back up in case there was someone better than him at Beater. He really hoped that wasn't the case though. Beater was good for him. While Keeper was nearly always a defensive position (and he said nearly since he'd seen some pretty out of control keepers), beater was pure offense. He couldn't understand why some people thought that the position needed no skill. You were constantly hunting those sons of - um... uh, witches down, and had to swing the bat up and hit with just the right amount of force, the right amount of spin, and had to aim juuust right to the opposing team's players.

It also felt good. That sweet ache in his arms, the sound of the crack echoing over and over in his head...

He was definitely trying out for beater first.


The bat felt good in his hands. Strong. Comfortable. An extension of himself. What was that odd play Mikey had dragged him to...? The actors' sizes had been increased so the muggle audience could see them, and the actors were stuck in this big rectangular... thing. He remembered being impressed that they hadn't needed an intermission. Anyway, one of the actors was a muggle who had gone crazy. He held out his barber knife and cut it through the air. And he exclaimed -

"At last my arm is complete again." Calix grinned to himself and gripped the bat more tightly still. He was ready.

Swinging his legs over Falco, the racing broom he had named, Calix dug his heels into the ground before kicking off, reveling in the windy elements that seemed to push his broom, urging them both to go faster. He obliged.

"Whoo - Whee!" He laughed before skidding to a sharp stop. His two minutes had begun.

Though he had paused his broom in the air, the winds continued to sway it, rocking him in the air, floating on nothing but wind and currents. Mikey had always suspected that in a past life he had been a sailor. Calix liked the rough weather, he thought it was a sign of luck. But he couldn't think about that now, he had to focus on the try outs.

Two minutes...

Calix narrowed his eyes, watching a charmed chaser droop down and circle below him before speeding off. He gripped his broom handle and tightened his fist around the bat, raising it as he sped towards his first target. He saw an errant bludger in one eye, and the chaser in another. He raised his arm higher, the bat heavy in his hands, the wind pushing him forward...


With a satisfied smirk he watched the charmed chaser fall. One down, two to go and one and a half minutes to go. He turned his broom around and located his next target. There it was. Engaging in a zig zag pattern across the pitch. Watching its mundane pattern carefully, Calix narrowed his eyes and followed another bludger. He pulled up beside it and prepared to swing.


He hit only air. The forceful gesture flung him forwards on his broom and though he briefly cursed in his mind he quickly picked himself up and sped after the bludger. He pulled up above it this time, while the charmed chaser continued in its motions. He had only one minute left. He gripped the broom tightly between his legs, stretched his arms, and fell. He hung there, the broom still going in a general straight ahead direction, while his face hovered just behind the aggressive brown ball. Calix swung his arm back and struck, moving his head out of his own way just in time.


Another one down and Calix had less than a minute to go. He had no time to savor this. He pulled himself up on his broom, chasing after a bludger while keeping an eye out for the last chaser.

"UNG!" With a grunt he took a wild hit. The bludger barreled to the accurate direction of the chaser but the darned thing swerved just in time to avoid it. Calix again sped towards the bludger, a blur in the air as the seconds ticked away.

Seven... six... five... four... three... two...


Calix watched in awe as the bludger he had hit barrel into the other bludger and then rebound to ram itself into the shoulder of the charmed chaser. Not enough knock it down but the chaser fell limp against its broom before straightening up again.

An uncharacteristic smile spread slowly on Calix' strong face, his hazel eyes bright in the excitement of his success.

'I'm going to make it. I'm going to be on the team.'

He savored his last few moments in the air before tilting his handle and letting the wind carry him down. A sailor saying goodbye to the sea.

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