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Calix Panos
Guardian of the Rings
Fri Sep 24, 2010 21:10

Feeling pretty good about himself, Calix allowed himself a little more swagger in his step as he moved from the west end of the field to the north. He hadn't stayed to see the other beaters try out but didn't really care to, his nervousness completely quelled by the satisfaction of his own performance. And now onto Keeper.

He propped Falco up on the ground and hopped on, soaring through the air. The wind caressed his body; little strings pulling him up gently towards the goal hoops. It was a rather strange feeling for him while he was flying. It was the only time the burn for sweet nicotine was quenched, and he was content to just merely hang in the air.

'But even birds have to land, eventually.' It was a bitter thought but true. He pushed it out of his mind. He hadn't always been this cynical - had he?

He positioned himself in front of the middle goalpost, favoring his right side slightly. There were loud cracks in the air he recognized as beater bats hitting bludgers. In the distance, beyond his own charmed chasers, he saw fellow students try to score against a charmed keeper. He saw one girl's quaffle go in. He smirked. She would not have found him as easy a target. Sweeping reddish brown hair out of his eyes, he turned his attention to his chasers.


Calix tensed as the first chaser approached. It raised its arm, leaning slightly toward Calix' left. Calix lifted his hands steadily, his eyes narrowed, ready to leap and defend.

'Nothing gets past me.'

"Yah!" Rolling in mid-air, Calix scooped the weakly thrown quaffle and pumped his fist in the air. Calix, 1. Chasers, 0. He passed the quaffle to the next chaser poised for humiliation. This wasn't beater, but it was still quidditch. He'd take his glory where he could get it.

The next chaser's attempt was still an easy save. Calix gave an exaggerated yawn and tossed the quaffle back; having barely had to move to intercept the ball's path.

"Give me a real challenge." He shouted to no one in particular. The wind simply swallowed away his words. Someone appeared to hear him though because the next chaser wasn't fooling around.

Calix wet his lips in anticipation. Number 3 was coming in fast, straight at him. He tensed on his broom, his hands poised. Number 3 raised its arm... drew back... released...

It was a feint. Calix jerked his head down as the chaser suddenly dropped below him and shot a fast one toward the right goal hoop.

"Nngh!" He stretched his leg out and desperately kicked the solid red blur. He let out the breath he didn't know he held as the ball moved just enough to deflect off the metal ring of the hoop. "Yesss." He pumped a fist and then prepared for the next one. His face was flushed, his breathing quick, yet the world felt slow. This couldn't compare to beater but he was remembering why he hadn't resigned on the team for making him keeper in the first place. Keeper was fun, and a very nice second choice.

The chaser sped towards him... keeping the quaffle tucked safely in its arm... faster... faster...

Sweat grazed the top of Calix' lip. The muscles in his stomach clenched. This was it. The chaser slightly turned, a minuscule movement but Calix caught the slight loosening of his arm wrapped no longer quite as tightly around the quaffle. The chaser came within three feet, and then -


"Ohhhh... ow, ow, OW!" Calix gave a loud curse. "Son of a... mother of... oh merlin's pants - yeow!" He clutched his head which he oh so brilliantly used as a last minute deflection of the ball and blindly sped down to the ground, his eyes and head throbbing from his successful line of defense.

"Not at all what I was going for." He grudgingly said out loud. "But you have to admit it worked."

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