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Hyana Kamiya
Keeping up and being punny
Fri Sep 24, 2010 21:57

Hyana Kamiya would certainly admit that being competitive wasn’t in her nature. She was the softest spoken person in any group she had hung out with. Well, except maybe Tripp’s girlfriend, Dawn Silverleaf. Anyway, Hyana was quiet. And she really hated confrontation. She didn’t like standing out from a crowd, either.

A lot of people found it odd that this Compia was a Quidditch player.

The day of the Quidditch try outs, Hyana pulled her black hair into a neat ponytail, then charmed it so it wouldn’t fall out when she was flying. She searched her wardrobe for a shirt to wear (she had already pulled on jeans) and found a shirt that she was pretty sure didn’t belong to her. It took Hyana quite a while to figure out why she had Brett’s shirt with her. After she identified it as the shirt he had given her the night of the Boston Harborfest. It was really fun; she had gone with Boston. It had been surprisingly cold one of the nights. Hyana had been shivering, and Brett took notice. He took off his shirt and actually gave it to her to wear. Hyana hadn’t wanted to accept it, but he was at least wearing an undershirt, so he wasn’t shirtless, and she pressed up against him so he could stay warm, too, so it all worked out. She just apparently forgot to return it.

After she figured out where the shirt had come from, Hyana took another moment to decide if she was going to wear it. She decided pretty quickly that, yes, she would. The freshman wore a cami, in case the weather got too warm to wear the long sleeved shirt, and pulled on her tennis shoes, pretty satisfied with her attire. And maybe it was her imagination, but the shirt still smelled like Brett. That made her smile.

Hyana was glad she had charmed her hair to stay in the ponytail when she realized how windy it was. It really was different from playing underground, like at Rocky Mountain International. She was actually pretty excited for it. She hadn’t been able to play Quidditch her last year at RMI; Headmaster Guido had created a Muggle Immersion Programme and changed Quidditch into soccer for the year. Hyana hadn’t realized how much she had liked playing Quidditch until that had happened.

The Keeper was rather nervous, seeing all the people there. Then she started noticing who was there, and that didn’t help at all. She had been hoping to remain invisible in Mia Nealson’s eyes for a while longer. Racing Club had ruined any chance of not being noticed by Hector; now the other half of the dark pureblood couple was aware of her existence. Calix was here, too, and Darla from Racing Club. Hyana quietly found her way next to Elly, the only person that she knew wouldn’t hurt her for no reason. Yes, Elly was safest.

After Calix had introduced himself, Hyana swallowed and took a deep breath. She resisted the urge to glance towards Hector. “My name is Hyana Kamiya. I’m trying out for Keeper. I began playing as Keeper my first year at Sonora Academy, and I played Keeper at Rocky Mountain International when I transferred every year the sport was offered.” Hyana smiled brightly, once again resisting the urge to look at Hector Edwards. Look at that, she could speak in front of a large-ish group in an audible volume and without stuttering. So far, so good.

Hyana listened carefully to the instructions when all the introductions were over. Hyana wasn’t sure if there was a returning Keeper at this point; she was too nervous to remember what everyone was trying out for. That just meant she had to work super, super hard. Not that Hyana wouldn’t do that anyway; the girl was a perfectionist. Still, not knowing who her competition was made her nervous. At least at RMI she knew she had the position, even if she tried out. Seniority and all. Hyana hadn’t seen that as very fair…but she hadn’t objected to having the position. She didn’t want to take the position from some senior who would end up being really bitter about the whole thing, but Hyana wanted to play. And if that meant taking the position from some senior…then that’s just what would have to happen.

When it was her turn, Hyana mounted her broom and pushed herself off of the ground. It was an older model, a Nimbus 2008, that Brian had gotten her for graduation. It wasn’t brand new, but it worked really well. Hyana was really happy with it. The figure skater had also received ice skates from Tripp; she had given her best friend crafting tools. The broom and the skates were tied as her favorite gifts. It was nice to know that Brian actually cared about her, too, and not just about Grace.

Hyana took her place at the goals, looking carefully at the charmed chasers. They were charmed for different levels of difficulty, but she didn’t know whether they were going to come at her in order of difficulty levels or not. So…it was definitely a good idea to block hard for every goal, not just the ones she thought was the higher difficulty.

This was a very good plan, because the first charmed chaser was one of the higher difficulties, trying to pull a feint throw to her left. Hyana was used to playing against people who liked feinting, so she was able to block the shot, since she was paying attention right off the bat. She caught the Quaffle, then hit it back at the charmed chasers with the end of her broom. One down…

The second shot came pretty quickly, but it was directly towards the goal she was already guarding. Obviously, this was the easy level. Once again, Hyana caught the Quaffle and threw it back at the charmed chasers. The third one dived at her right but threw at her left. Thankfully, she had managed to notice the movement of the other chaser and spun her broom, knocking it out of the way. She grinned and eyed the last chaser.

This chaser was obviously at the highest level of difficulty. It flew at her as if it was going to collide, then threw at her middle hoop. Hyana didn’t let this phase her, instead pulling her broom upwards to reach the Quaffle and knock it out of the way with her body. It wasn’t a catch, but it would have to do.

She came to the ground and gave Elly a really big smile. “I hope you get Seeker,” she said to her friend before turning her gaze to the other Keeper hopefuls. Maybe, just maybe, this would work out for her.

  • Guardian of the RingsCalix Panos, Fri Sep 24 21:10
    Feeling pretty good about himself, Calix allowed himself a little more swagger in his step as he moved from the west end of the field to the north. He hadn't stayed to see the other beaters try out... more
    • Keeping up and being punny — Hyana Kamiya, Fri Sep 24 21:57
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