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Lucy Featherwick
BEATing the opposition.
Sat Sep 25, 2010 12:23

The weather was good, Lucy decided grudgingly as she made her way over to the pitch. The mud squelched underfoot unpleasantly, although her boots were sturdy and leather - the mud shouldn't affect them too much. Her grey hoodie was zipped up, and a scarf rising over the top to keep the chill out. Her black skinny jeans were tucked into her boots. Although Quidditch was played in robes, Lucy preffered to practice in Muggle clothes. Besides, as Beater, she found the robes irritating on her aim and preferred tighter fitting clothes that only Muggles really seemed to provide.

As she joined a gaggle of students, recognising many of the faces from last year, in particular Mia Nelson - she tried to hide a smirk as she spotted the familiar auburn haired girl - she listened intently to Coach Bradford's speech. When it came to her introduction, she lowered her head slightly, before speaking.

"My name is Lucy Featherwick, I'm a Junior and I was Beater and Assistant Captain last year. I'm trying out for the position of Beater again, this year."

As the other students milled around, Lucy frowned at the fact that, again, nobody else seemed to want to try out for Beater. They all chose the 'glory' positions like Chaser and Seeker. She rolled her eyes, whilst she picked up a bat, testing the weight of it in her right hand. It was always the same...

Mounting her broom, her reliable Cleansweep Twelve, she kicked off from the ground hard, hoping she'd sprayed some people behind her with mud, just to make them notice the Beater's tryouts, if nothing else and sped over toward the south side of the pitch.

Instantly, a bludger came speeding toward her, yet on her left side. ...She was prepared for this. In a split second, she threw her bat into her opposing hand and took aim, hitting the bludger with a clean *thunk* and watching it hit one of the model Chaser right in the lower abdomen. Quickly, she followed it up as it was wise never to let your guard down and admire your shot. That way, if you did, you were an easy target.

There was a wooshing noise behind her and suddenly, Lucy's heart rose into her throat as she only sloth grip rolled in time, out of the way of a passing bludger. Now, more determined that ever she chased after the bludger and hit it with force (this time, with her right hand,) toward another Chaser to her left. It hit it, this time on the tail end of its broom, sending the figure spinning away.

Gritting her teeth, she looked around for more bludgers, now aware of a dull ache in her right hand from that last hit and of the time. Then she saw one, just a few metres away from her and oncoming. ...It was time to try a new tactic, one she'd tested over the summer.

Gripping her bat even more tighter, till her hand screamed out in protest, she flew rapidly toward it, as though she was going to collide with it. Then, as the last second, she swerved violently out of the way and hit it across her body. The bludger sailed over toward another Chaser, clipping its arm and making the figure wobble profusely. She smiled, as slowly she made her way down to where Coach Alex stood and dismounted.

She nodded slyly at him as she passed, hoping that she'd made the cut. Maybe, with luck, she'd get Captain this year. It'd be fun to test out the new recruits and talk to the familiar faces again. Hopefully, there'd be more guys this year too - but she guessed that she'd just have to wait and see.

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