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Lucy Featherwick
So does misery.
Thu Oct 7, 2010 02:46 (XFF:

That was it. She nodded to Darla when she thanked her on being Captain, before watching her friend take to the skies. She was obviously upset and angry, so Lucy decided that it was best not to bother her. Then, just as she was about to turn to leave - riled by the open look of disgust on the young man's face, whom she had only been trying to help - she heard him laugh.

"You? You made captain? You're the beater?" He started laughing, and Lucy clenched her fists, trying to disguise the anger that started to build up inside her and this persons obvious lack of respect. She had the power to help change the team - but obviously, he was perfectly content to throw it all away with both hands. What an idiot this boy obviously was. She felt herself blushing, but now wasn't the time to look any weaker than the young man in front of her thought she already was. ...Then she realised who he was. He was the other reserve, but for Keeper. Panos, or something? It made her feel a little better. He was bitter. Of course...

"So the coach actually thinks a skinny little thing like you can be beater, much less captain?"

Right...Pulling herself up straight and placing her broom onto the ground, Lucy controlled her breathing. In. Out. In. Out. She managed a smile before launching into her reply.

"Erm, yes he did actually. I think he was more looking for someone with experience - besides, whatever you may think about me playing Beater, I'm Captain. I would apologise, although I doubt I should to someone like you, but I can see you obviously don't want my sympathy and that you'd much rather wallow in your own bitterness."

She said pausing for a moment, her words dripping with sarcasm and obvious anger. She knew that she sounded completely out of character, but she couldn't help herself. She was so angry she didn't quite know what to do with herself. It took her all her strength not to pull out her wand and hex the silly fool there and then.

"And if you think our Coach has made an error, why don't you take it up with him? I'm sure he'd be very happy to see your point of view, seeing as you're unlikely to want to listen to mine."

  • Rage does love company.Calix Panos, Wed Oct 6 17:47
    Calix looked at the new girl with undisguised disgust on his face. The obvious sympathy in her voice, the apology in her expression... did she think he was weak? That he'd need coddling? Oh, how he... more
    • So does misery. — Lucy Featherwick, Thu Oct 7 02:46
      • Good luck Lucy. Darla Applerose, Thu Oct 7 16:44
        Darla was flying, and she watched the spectacle going on below. Lucy looked quite angry, and the other bloke was laughing. Darla rolled her eyes. Another Nealson.. Oh goodness, what a team they had.... more
        • You'll need it.Calix Panos, Thu Oct 7 22:32
          In some ways, Calix preferred muggle methods. There was something much more liberating in engaging in hand to hand combat. The pounding of flesh upon flesh, nails scraping skin, fists grazing jaws,... more
          • I'll take my chances.Lucy Featherwick, Fri Oct 8 06:29
            The anger that had built up inside her, had now spilled over into her speech. Of course, Calix thought that she was a poor choice in Captain and Beater - there was no point squabbling over it.... more
            • I'll back you upDarla Applerose, Fri Oct 8 13:46
              Darla was impressed when Lucy just walked away. She would have backed her up if needed if the wizard had wanted to fight. She knew if anyone had challenged her , she would've hexed them immediately.... more
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