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Lucy Featherwick
Quidditch Team Practise!
Thu Oct 7, 2010 08:17 (XFF:

The conditions were fairly good for practising in, and for which she was grateful. The sun shone weakly though the misty, cold air and the grass was damp with dew. Lucy had been up since the early hours of the morning sorting out various drills, and wondering which would be best to practise in. Being Captain was so stressful! She just hoped that the team would gel well together, and she had to remember to switch the subs on to practise too. What with her disagreement with Calix earlier and Darla bound to flip at the slightest provacation, she had to be on her toes.

Next to her was a chest, in which the bludgers and snitch sat. The Quaffle was tucked neatly under her arm, as she leant against her broom. A pile of team robes sat neatly folded next to her, ready to dish out at the end of practise, with the teams various surnames sewn onto the back. Trying to control her nerves, Lucy waited until the whole of the team was clustered around her, before speaking loudly and clearly.

"Right, well as you all know we've got our first match coming up very soon. I thought it'd be best that we practise together as a team, and get a feel for how each other plays. Chasers," she looked at Gabriel, Mia and Hector, "you'll need to work as a tight unit if we're going to score goals. Elly and Darla, you two will pair up and look for the Snitch. Hyana and Calix, you'll be switching defending the goals hoops that Mia, Hector and Gabriel will be shooting at." She paused, and search for the last person on the team, and the person who'd she'd have to work the most with...Liana.

"Liana? You'll be with me and we'll be trying to aim the bludgers at the Chasers. Nothing too serious. ...We don't want to knock you off your brooms just before a match, eh?"
She sent a playful smile in their direction, before turning to face the group again as a whole.

"Shall we start?" In one swift arm movement, she chucked the Quaffle to Hector and bent down to release the Bludgers and Snitch.

    • Let's make a Practice Plan! (Calix)Hyana Kamiya, Tue Oct 19 15:07
      Well, at least one thing at school was going alright for Hyana Kamiya, and that was making it onto the Quidditch team. The freshman wasnít too sure whoís spot she was taking but, really, that didnít... more
      • Whatever. *assumes bored expression*Calix, Wed Oct 20 20:33
        Taking a minute to look at the situation from an outsider's perspective, Calix was able to inwardly laugh at the hilarity of it all. It wasn't every day that one gets to wake up to see three people... more
    • Seeking is a one-man showElly Eriksson, Sat Oct 16 16:18
      The first practise of the season was always an auspiscious event; and potentially volatile, considering the team Coach Bradford had put together. Elly honestly didn't envy Lucy the position of... more
    • Running on pure adrenaline.Liana Chapman, Sun Oct 10 17:56
      Lee opened her eyes to find herself in the same place as when she closed them; sprawled diagonally across the bed, the fingers of her left hand brushing the rough carpet, her opposite foot somehow... more
    • All is as it should beMia Nealson, Thu Oct 7 16:32
      As quickly as her hatred of Darla Applerose had risen, so had it dropped. As soon as the Quidditch team had been posted, Mia Nealson had rushed to examine it. She had even allowed herself a small... more
      • It's Been Too LongGabriel Errant, Sat Oct 9 17:16
        Gabriel excitedly made his way to the Quidditch Pitch, his loose scarf gradually unwinding from around his neck. He was pleased that Bradford had seen the progress he had made from last year as... more
        • With that, I can agreeHector, Sat Oct 9 20:27
          It was a glorious a morning. Yes, it was. Hector was in a very good mood, he just hoped it would stay that way, because if someone messed with him, there would be hell to pay. For one, he had slept... more
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