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Mia Nealson
All is as it should be
Thu Oct 7, 2010 16:32

As quickly as her hatred of Darla Applerose had risen, so had it dropped. As soon as the Quidditch team had been posted, Mia Nealson had rushed to examine it. She had even allowed herself a small smile as she reached the end of it. Ostensibly, her joy was at making the Quidditch team once more despite more competition than had been there available the year before. In reality, it was because Darla had been relegated to her proper place on the team: the bottom.

That was correct. Once again, Darla had failed to make the team as Seeker. The difference between this year and last year was that Bradford had been intelligent enough not to bother putting the moron on the team at all. Which meant that auburn-haired, gray-eyed, sophomore, Mia Nealson, no would no longer have her glorious time on the Pitch marred by the upperclasswoman’s annoying voice and evern more obnoxious penchant for calling everyone by their surnames. In fact, both of her fellow Chasers were decent company. Hector for being her devilspawn fiancé, of course, and Gabriel because it was sure to be hilarious when the boy went one step too far with his flirting and was consequently torn apart by an enraged Edwards. Mia might even consider flirting back, if Hector made her too mad.

Today, Mia’s Quidditch robes were a gentle golden-crimson that seemed to make her hair—drawn up in a tight bun for now, of course—more red-gold. As she strode onto the Pitch, Fondre in hand, she noticed a stack of robes next to Lucy Featherwick, the new Team Captain. That position would be Mia’s one day, of course, but for now the ambitious Dutch native would remain content just with hoping that they didn’t have their surnames on the back again. That was such a tacky Darla thing, and although Lucy proved within the first three seconds that she was much less stupid (for one, she recognised that people had first names), Mia was not going to give her a false boost of opinion simply because she was above the functional level of a dried rat spleen
Red ball flying from Lucy’s hands to Hector and they were off. Mia kicked off the ground, relishing the drop in the pit of her stomach as she soared upwards. She had never played Quidditch with Hector, actually, which meant that it was actually Gabriel who was more familiar with her types of play, the way she preferred drop-passes to thrown passes, and her distaste for Chasers who went in for the easy shots too frequently. Keeping herself open, Mia soared towards the hoops, keeping herself aware of her surroundings but focused on Hector. What would her fiancé’s first move be?

  • Quidditch Team Practise!Lucy Featherwick, Thu Oct 7 08:17
    The conditions were fairly good for practising in, and for which she was grateful. The sun shone weakly though the misty, cold air and the grass was damp with dew. Lucy had been up since the early... more
    • Let's make a Practice Plan! (Calix)Hyana Kamiya, Tue Oct 19 15:07
      Well, at least one thing at school was going alright for Hyana Kamiya, and that was making it onto the Quidditch team. The freshman wasn’t too sure who’s spot she was taking but, really, that didn’t... more
      • Whatever. *assumes bored expression*Calix, Wed Oct 20 20:33
        Taking a minute to look at the situation from an outsider's perspective, Calix was able to inwardly laugh at the hilarity of it all. It wasn't every day that one gets to wake up to see three people... more
    • Seeking is a one-man showElly Eriksson, Sat Oct 16 16:18
      The first practise of the season was always an auspiscious event; and potentially volatile, considering the team Coach Bradford had put together. Elly honestly didn't envy Lucy the position of... more
    • Running on pure adrenaline.Liana Chapman, Sun Oct 10 17:56
      Lee opened her eyes to find herself in the same place as when she closed them; sprawled diagonally across the bed, the fingers of her left hand brushing the rough carpet, her opposite foot somehow... more
    • All is as it should be — Mia Nealson, Thu Oct 7 16:32
      • It's Been Too LongGabriel Errant, Sat Oct 9 17:16
        Gabriel excitedly made his way to the Quidditch Pitch, his loose scarf gradually unwinding from around his neck. He was pleased that Bradford had seen the progress he had made from last year as... more
        • With that, I can agreeHector, Sat Oct 9 20:27
          It was a glorious a morning. Yes, it was. Hector was in a very good mood, he just hoped it would stay that way, because if someone messed with him, there would be hell to pay. For one, he had slept... more
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