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Calix Panos
You'll need it.
Thu Oct 7, 2010 22:32

In some ways, Calix preferred muggle methods. There was something much more liberating in engaging in hand to hand combat. The pounding of flesh upon flesh, nails scraping skin, fists grazing jaws, landing blow upon blow upon blow. The knowledge - the sudden epiphany - that everything was vulnerable. And everything was strong. As much as he would have liked to indulge those muggle tendencies now, Calix doubted it would be much of a challenge to fight the girls that way. Girls were just so weak in the physical department. Another reason why they made awful beaters.

As he was training to be either an auror, bodyguard, or professional duelist, Calix had that skill down pat. He had been pretty much unrivaled in his old school. Not that he hadn't ever been beaten - and badly - but compared to his own general age group he was pretty much "The Man." And so, waving wands in the air and making the girls hurt was going to be too easy.

So how? How could he alleviate this rage that had been kindled in his chest, being stoked in his gut ever since he had glanced, double glanced, and balked at the roster?

"What's up?" Calix repeated the second girl's question, a crooked smile gracing his strong face, partly hidden by shaggy hair falling across his eyes, and a messy stubble surrounding his mouth and chin. "What's up is that I'm giving a challenge to the captain here." The whole time he had previously been talking was with a New England accent. Noticing their own slight British tints (he was guessing) he altered his voice slightly to sound more Irish. He gave a mock bow to the inept choice captain, eying her up and down. "If she'll dare to accept."

  • Good luck Lucy. Darla Applerose, Thu Oct 7 16:44
    Darla was flying, and she watched the spectacle going on below. Lucy looked quite angry, and the other bloke was laughing. Darla rolled her eyes. Another Nealson.. Oh goodness, what a team they had.... more
    • You'll need it. — Calix Panos, Thu Oct 7 22:32
      • I'll take my chances.Lucy Featherwick, Fri Oct 8 06:29
        The anger that had built up inside her, had now spilled over into her speech. Of course, Calix thought that she was a poor choice in Captain and Beater - there was no point squabbling over it.... more
        • I'll back you upDarla Applerose, Fri Oct 8 13:46
          Darla was impressed when Lucy just walked away. She would have backed her up if needed if the wizard had wanted to fight. She knew if anyone had challenged her , she would've hexed them immediately.... more
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