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Lucy Featherwick
I'll take my chances.
Fri Oct 8, 2010 06:29 (XFF:

The anger that had built up inside her, had now spilled over into her speech. Of course, Calix thought that she was a poor choice in Captain and Beater - there was no point squabbling over it. Nothing was every really going to be settled if she argued, or Merlin forbid, duelled her way out of this mess. Besides, he seemed to be a chauvinistic pig in that he honestly wouldn't care if he duelled with and beat a girl to the ground. There was such a thing as gentlemanly etiquette, although she doubted that this individual had ever heard of the word. He most likely thought all girls were weak. That was what made her mad. Now, she quite frankly couldn't give a Pygmy's Puff if he thought her inadequate for the position of Captain. She was, and he'd just have to deal with it.

Eyeing up the fool in front of her, with as much patronisation as she could muster, although without letting go of her wand in her pocket, she smiled. He wanted to challenge her, but she wouldn't rise to the bait. How would it look to the others if their Captain couldn't control her temper over one silly provocation? How would it look to Coach Bradford?

She shook her head slowly and turned to Darla, picking up her broom. "Don't worry. I was just leaving." Then, turning back to the Calix in front of her, she took a deep breath before replying. "I don't need to accept a challenge to prove myself to you. You can keep your bitter opinions - I won't be party to them."

Then, without another word Lucy turned and started walking away from the Pitch, her hand immediately going back to her wand just in case the stupid fool had any silly ideas running around his head. He sure looked like he could have punched her a few minutes ago, not that he- wait, no. He probably would have.

She knew that Calix would have taken her comment as an affirmation of her 'weakness' no doubt, but she didn't care. He could sit in his own prejudiced and bitter opinions - it was his fault that he couldn't accept the team position with good grace. Merlin, what a jumped up little Freshman he'd turned out to be thinking he was better than everyone else.

  • You'll need it.Calix Panos, Thu Oct 7 22:32
    In some ways, Calix preferred muggle methods. There was something much more liberating in engaging in hand to hand combat. The pounding of flesh upon flesh, nails scraping skin, fists grazing jaws,... more
    • I'll take my chances. — Lucy Featherwick, Fri Oct 8 06:29
      • I'll back you upDarla Applerose, Fri Oct 8 13:46
        Darla was impressed when Lucy just walked away. She would have backed her up if needed if the wizard had wanted to fight. She knew if anyone had challenged her , she would've hexed them immediately.... more
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