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Darla Applerose
I'll back you up
Fri Oct 8, 2010 13:46

Darla was impressed when Lucy just walked away. She would have backed her up if needed if the wizard had wanted to fight. She knew if anyone had challenged her, she would've hexed them immediately. Sometimes, her anger was just something that couldn't be controlled.

She glared at the boy. "You should learn some manners," she told him. "Wouldn't want to insult the captain on your very first day on the team."

Darla sniffed and hopped onto her broom. The snitch was still flying around somewhere, and she was going to look for it now. Lucy, she knew, was really going to make a much better captain than she ever would have been.

  • I'll take my chances.Lucy Featherwick, Fri Oct 8 06:29
    The anger that had built up inside her, had now spilled over into her speech. Of course, Calix thought that she was a poor choice in Captain and Beater - there was no point squabbling over it.... more
    • I'll back you up — Darla Applerose, Fri Oct 8 13:46
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