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Gabriel Errant
It's Been Too Long
Sat Oct 9, 2010 17:16

Gabriel excitedly made his way to the Quidditch Pitch, his loose scarf gradually unwinding from around his neck. He was pleased that Bradford had seen the progress he had made from last year as reserve chaser to an official chaser on the team. Lucy was team captain this year, which was awkward since he knew she and Darla were close, but he knew Lucy would be a great captain. Personally, he had thought Darla was just fine, but Coach knew best.

"Hey Lucy." He greeted as he joined the rest of the team. "Congrats, again." He looked around the rest of the team, surprised to see that Liana from the Health Center was there. There were also two new guys on the team, Hector and Calix. Gabriel had actually seen Calix try out for beater and had been rather impressed. As much as Gabriel enjoyed the company of girls, it was going to be nice to have a couple more guys in their line up.

Lucy chucked the ball to Hector and Gabriel swung his legs over his broom and took off into the air, speeding up to fly below Mia. He tilted his broom slightly so that he was ready for a pass from Hector, or if Hector chose to throw to Mia first, a drop pass from Mia that she was sure to give.

As a chaser, Gabriel's best quality was that he was able to see where his fellow teammates needed to be before even they knew it. Hector was going to take some time for Gabriel to familiarize himself with, but he was good at picking up on what Mia wanted. For practice, he took a fairly good guess that Mia wanted to try some of her more flashy moves. He tilted his head back and watched her, while keeping an eye out for Hector.

"Would it be bad sportsmanship to try and humiliate the keeper on the first shot?" He called out, a grin spreading on his eager face. It had been too long since he'd played.

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    • It's Been Too Long — Gabriel Errant, Sat Oct 9 17:16
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