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With that, I can agree
Sat Oct 9, 2010 20:27

It was a glorious a morning. Yes, it was. Hector was in a very good mood, he just hoped it would stay that way, because if someone messed with him, there would be hell to pay. For one, he had slept his required 8 hours, and two, it was Quidditch time. Two things that made the blonde quite happy.

The blonde had been certain he would make the team, he was an asset to the mediocre SUM Quidditch team, and it would have been a very bad move from Coach Bradford not to pick him. What had picked his curiosity had been seeing Hyana’s name on the roster. Who knew that she played? It had been a surprise for the freshman since she didn’t look like the kind of girl that played. No wait, he had seen her at try-outs and quite possibly at RMI. He wondered why he had forgotten about his fellow RMIer. Another interesting thing on the roster had been seeing that Darla was no longer the captain, thank Merlin. That girl didn’t have the capacity to lead something, let alone a team. He was sure that had brightened Mia’s day.

Hector entered the Pitch with his custom-made Chaser broom in hand. It was a lovely day to fly. Like every time he went flying, the blonde opted for a more casual look, jeans and a long-sleeved black polo. The freshman was amused by the physical contrast between Mia and him, especially that she always wore robes, while he refused to wear those blasted things. He frowned, he hated when Mia tied her hair up, he preferred when she had it loose. Though, it would be ill-advised to play with loose hair, it could get on the way. Drat.

He listened to what Lucy had to said and nodded on the required parts of her speech. He grinned. Hector was more than ready to start this, in fact, he was eager to get on his broom. Finally, Lucy stopped talking and threw him the Quaffle. His grin grew wider, it seemed the captain had a favorite Chaser. Awesome.

Mia and Gabriel kicked off and flew towards the hoops. He had never played with either one of them, it would take time for him to get used to their way of playing. They had an advantage, as they had been team mates last year. He got on his broom, Quaffle securely under his arm, and zoomed towards his fellow Chasers. How he loved to the thrill of playing.

Now, the question laid on whether to throw a long pass or fly closer and do a drop one. Each of them had their benefits. Drop-passes were more accurate, but didn’t cover long distances, while the long passes covered more distances but were easier to intercept. Hector didn’t have a preference…

He flew above her and called her, “Mia.” He accurately dropped the Quaffle to her, and looked at Gabriel, “Stop saying stupid things and concentrate.” With that he soared to make himself available for a pass. This had the potential to become epic.

  • It's Been Too LongGabriel Errant, Sat Oct 9 17:16
    Gabriel excitedly made his way to the Quidditch Pitch, his loose scarf gradually unwinding from around his neck. He was pleased that Bradford had seen the progress he had made from last year as... more
    • With that, I can agree — Hector, Sat Oct 9 20:27
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