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Liana Chapman
Running on pure adrenaline.
Sun Oct 10, 2010 17:56

Lee opened her eyes to find herself in the same place as when she closed them; sprawled diagonally across the bed, the fingers of her left hand brushing the rough carpet, her opposite foot somehow wedged into the space between the bed and the wall, and a book laid open on her stomach with a couple others spread across the pillow beside her. ‘What a way to start the morning,’ she thought blearily, pushing herself slightly upright so that she could shove the books aside. They feel to the floor with a thud, and she immediately rolled into the space they left behind to fall back asleep.

The next time she woke up, she knew she was late even before her eyes had fully opened, due to the fact that the sun was high in the sky and reflecting brightly off the yellow walls of her dorm. Realizing this, she leaped off the bed, hopping on the balls of her feet as she hastily pulled on an old pair of faded skinnies. Glancing in the mirror, she finger-combed her hair before yanking it back into a messy bun, taking the time to quickly line her eyes with dark brown colour in an attempt to disguise the circles beneath them. She stepped into her boots, lacing them up one at a time as she hopped back towards her bed to grab her broom and the button-down shirt she’d nicked from Hartley years ago and never bothered to return. Locking the door behind her, she hurried down to the Quidditch pitch, pulling the plaid shirt on over her light black cami along the way.

She arrived at the pitch to see that the majority of the team was already there. Breathing hard from running over, she glanced around the group, surprised to see Gabriel among them. Apart from him and Lucy, the rest of the people there were strangers to her. Shaking her bangs out of her face - apparently, the elastic she’d used only minutes before had already failed to keep her unruly hair back - she turned her attention up to Lucy as the older girl began to speak.

After giving each of the player instructions, Lucy turned to her. “Liana? You'll be with me and we'll be trying to aim the Bludgers at the Chasers. Nothing too serious... We don't want to knock you off your brooms just before a match, eh?”

Lee grinned, the nerves still present but slowly fading. Nothing too serious. That was a relief to hear. “Aye, Captain.”

"Shall we start?” Lucy tossed the red ball to one of the Chasers before bending to release the Bludgers.

Having spent much of the previous night swinging at crumpled wads of paper she’d enchanted to fly around her dorm, Lee quickly pulled the Beater’s bat from where she had left it in her pocket, tapping it with her wand to return it to its normal size. She swung a leg over her broom and kicked off, the ends of her plaid shirt flapping in the wind as she slowly turned along the side of the pitch, making sure to keep Lucy in her line of sight.

Soon enough, one of the Bludgers caught her eye and she set her sights on it. Readying her bat in her right hand, she was surprised to realize that the feeling in her stomach wasn’t from nervousness or lingering guilt or even the fact that she hadn’t eaten anything since noon the previous day.

‘Well, maybe a bit from that, but not really,’ she acknowledged with a faint smile as she turned her broom to face the Bludger. No, this time, it was from the excitement. The feeling of being hundreds of feet in the air with only a stick of wood between her and the ground, about to smash the daylights out of a couple of metal balls, was almost intoxicating. In this moment, how could she ever regret being chosen to be here? Yet for the same reason, how could she not?

She could see the Chasers in front of her and to the right, the three of them flying close together, and so she held her bat at an angle across her chest, ready to send the Bludger towards them with a backhanded hit as soon as she was in range of the ball.

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    • Running on pure adrenaline. — Liana Chapman, Sun Oct 10 17:56
    • All is as it should beMia Nealson, Thu Oct 7 16:32
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          It was a glorious a morning. Yes, it was. Hector was in a very good mood, he just hoped it would stay that way, because if someone messed with him, there would be hell to pay. For one, he had slept... more
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