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Elly Eriksson
Seeking is a one-man show
Sat Oct 16, 2010 16:18

The first practise of the season was always an auspiscious event; and potentially volatile, considering the team Coach Bradford had put together. Elly honestly didn't envy Lucy the position of captain right now; it was bad enough making Seeker when Darla had scooped up reserve. Still, that was the problem with team sports: only a certain number of people could make the team. Elly had worked her hardest to be secure her own position, so she wasn't going to feel bad in her success, and she didn't expect Lucy would, either. In fact, Elly thought Lucy would probably make a decent captain. She already knew several members on the team fairly well, shared a room with one of them, and the Beater had a great deal of enthusiasm - a trait Elly believed to be key in a leader of any sort, but particularly of a team that would be competing against other teams. Last year, Elly didn't feel as though their captain really believed in the whole team. Hopefully they would muddle through better this year.

Then again, as the team gathered together, Elly thoguht she hadn't seen a more random combination of people in her life before. Somehow they would have to pull together, or they would be the laughing stock of the college. Try-outs had looked promising, so providing talents were transferable to a game situation they could be okay. At least they all looked like Quidditch players. Elly herself had tamed her orange curls into a tight braid to keep her hair back from her face, and was wearing black joggers, white sneakers, and a white cotton tee. Her black cotton jacket was tied round her waist for the journey to the pitch, but as Lucy began instructing the players, Elly pulled it on instead. Flying in the cool morning air was refreshing, but chilly.

Elly was following Lucy right up until she said, "Elly and Darla, you two will pair up and look for the Snitch." Then she sort of stopped hearing the rest of it and she frowned to herself. It wasn't a problem that Darla had to practise, too - that just made good sense. If Elly couldn't play for any reason, then Darla would be Seeker, so of course she needed to practise. It wasn't working with Darla that bothered Elly, either - she liked the older girl well enough, and they'd talked about potions and Quidditch and things outside of practises. The problem Elly had with the instruction was that Lucy was asking them to work together. That was like asking snipers to work in pairs. That just wasn't what Seeking was about. All you had was yourself up there (and occasionally the Beaters to stop you from being Bludgered to death). Seeking wasn't a team sport. Quidditch was, for sure, but not Seeking.

Elly looked at Darla as the other players took to the air. "So... how do you want to do this?" she asked with a quirk of a smile. "We could try and work together like she said, or we could work against each other, instead, see who can get to it first?" That way they'd still both be practising, but in a more realistic situation.

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    • Seeking is a one-man show — Elly Eriksson, Sat Oct 16 16:18
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