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Hyana Kamiya
Let's make a Practice Plan! (Calix)
Tue Oct 19, 2010 15:07

Well, at least one thing at school was going alright for Hyana Kamiya, and that was making it onto the Quidditch team. The freshman wasn’t too sure who’s spot she was taking but, really, that didn’t matter all that much. She had gotten on the team! Hyana was happy to have good news to tell Brett and Grace…and especially Tripp. She didn’t tell him that Hector was on the team, simply because Hyana didn’t know how well that would go at this point. But making the team was good news. That was something her friend totally needed to hear.

There was at least one familiar and nice face on the team: Elly. Hyana smiled at her red head friend when she arrived on the Pitch. Hector and Mia unnerved her a little, though Gabriel and Darla had seemed really nice at Racing Club. She also recognized Calix on the Pitch. No matter how much he deserved to be snapped at in the Library, Hyana did feel a little bad about doing it. It wasn’t like Calix knew why he offended her; he thought it was about the squib question…

“Hyana and Calix, you'll be switching defending the goals hoops that Mia, Hector and Gabriel will be shooting at."

Hearing her name, the Keeper acknowledged the captain with a small nod before pulling her hair back into a ponytail. It was kind of chilly, but she had left Brett’s jacket in her room and wore a lighter hoodie over her purple shirt instead. Her black jeans were pretty easy to play in, too. This practice was going to be pretty interesting.

When they were told to start, Hyana made her way over to Calix pretty quickly. They had to figure out when to switch out and all.

“Hey,” she said, almost nervously. She doubted Calix had forgotten their encounter. This was why practice was going to be interesting. “Um, so…I can go up first and after they shoot for the first time, then we can switch out? So even if I block it, you and I switch. Does that sound like a plan?” So far, so good… “And I’m sorry,” she added suddenly. “I’m sorry about…the library and all…” Hyana wasn’t sure how much she meant it, but she had to apologize…she couldn’t just let it be. How could they possibly work together if they had a lot of animosity between them? That wouldn’t make them train together very well at all.

But she still didn’t like that he laughed at her. That wasn’t going to change.

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    • Let's make a Practice Plan! (Calix) — Hyana Kamiya, Tue Oct 19 15:07
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