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Whatever. *assumes bored expression*
Wed Oct 20, 2010 20:33

Taking a minute to look at the situation from an outsider's perspective, Calix was able to inwardly laugh at the hilarity of it all. It wasn't every day that one gets to wake up to see three people they've pissed off at one moment or another. One was captain, one was an arrogant snot, and one was an annoying little twerp whose nervous expressions irritated Calix to no end. Two of those had somehow managed to beat Calix for his rightful spot on the miserable team.

'C'est la vie.' He miserably thought. He hated that expression. What the hell did it really mean anyway? 'As soon as I get into the air I'll feel better.' Or at least let go of feeling altogether. Let go of the anger, and let the air wrap around him and succumb him into numbness.

“Hyana and Calix, you'll be switching defending the goals hoops that Mia, Hector and Gabriel will be shooting at."

Calix' eyes washed over the chasers, taking in their stances. They all looked good and confident. He would have liked to slam bludgers into them. Chasers were nothing but personalized target practices. 'At least as Keeper, I can show them their place still.'

“Hey,” Disturbed from his cheerful thoughts, Calix glanced down to see Hyana addressing him. 'Overemotional freak.' A frown marred his features as he continued to tilt his head down and look at her. He was beyond annoyed and just wanted to get into the air. "Plan sounds fine." He adjusted his baby blue quidditch robes, a faded insignia on his chest from his last school. He gripped his broom tightly and stiffly turned away before looking back as she suddenly apologized.

Hesitating, he bit his lip slightly, his own apology lingering on his slips. "I'm - " he paused again. He had to remember who he was was. 'A Panos never apologizes.' Besides, he remembered he had shown that bit of weakness the last time they had talked. Straightening his back, he appraised her with hard hazel eyes. "Just try to keep your emotions off the field, okay? We can't have girls flying around crying or else this game would never get finished." On that note, he turned around and headed to the metal poles, waiting for his turn to shine.

  • Let's make a Practice Plan! (Calix)Hyana Kamiya, Tue Oct 19 15:07
    Well, at least one thing at school was going alright for Hyana Kamiya, and that was making it onto the Quidditch team. The freshman wasn’t too sure who’s spot she was taking but, really, that didn’t... more
    • Whatever. *assumes bored expression* — Calix, Wed Oct 20 20:33
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