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Xzavier Martin
Clearing my thoughts
Thu Oct 28, 2010 12:53

Xzavier felt his head spinning. He really wasn’t sure what he was doing. Annabelle, the girl he had met, he was on his mind constantly. This new experience --was it friendship?-- confused the poor boy so. Annabelle had been so nice to him, and he wasn’t used to kindness. Back home in Chicago, no one had been nice to him. As in, ever.

At Durmstrang, it had been more of the same. The American could have gone to Rocky Mountain International or Sonora on his home territory, but that wouldn’t have been far enough away from the place he was forced to call home. Not that the person back home cared; he would have probably been happier if Xzavier never came back, and, quite honestly, Xzavier would, too.

But here he was at Sapienti, and there was Annabelle, he girl he met by mistake. If she hadn’t lost her balance, maybe they wouldn’t have met. Who knew where Xzavier would’ve been now? For one thing, his thoughts would be a lot less clouded. His mindset would have been as untouchable as ever, his dark brown eyes flickering fearfully, just trying to spot dangers and keep himself alive.

That was what life was for Xzavier, a constant struggle to keep alive. He never wanted to go back to Chicago; he knew that much. The dark-skinned boy had set his mind to be an Auror, but he first needed to gain enough confidence to start conversations without jumping out of his skin. Plus, he needed to stop skipping classes.

He had been skipping classes for fear of the human contact. And so, all of his worries fell back upon his anti-social nature, a nature he had developed ever since his mother left. If she hadn’t left, he wouldn’t have turned on Xzavier, nor turned to the bottle.

Xzavier shook the thoughts from his head. He didn’t want to think about him anymore. The halfblood had grabbed his broomstick from his room and headed off to the Quidditch pitch in hopes that no one would be there. Though not really a player, he had found that in flight, it was much easier to clear his mind. Stepping onto the grass, he hopped in his broom and took to the sky.

Up he flew. He flew straight up until he thought that gravity would push him down, and then he pulled out to the left. High in the sky, he set himself up at one set of rings, facing the other. Then he bolted at top speed towards the other end; when he got there, he flew up and into a circle that resulted in him facing the other way, when he sped back.

Xzavier flew the field for about ten minutes before, sweat dripping and blood pumping, he broke off, flying in the direction of the stands, which he thought to be abandoned. However, about ten feet away from the stands, he spied someone sitting there and froze, his eyes widened. Could he handle the human contact?

Yes, he decided, he could, and he would. Slowly, he flew into the stands and landed a bit away from the unfamiliar person there. “Um, hi,” he introduced awkwardly. “I’m Xzavier Martin, err, freshman. And you?”

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