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Liana Chapman
It's nice and clear up here.
Sat Oct 30, 2010 15:55

She yawned widely, lounging on the bench with her feet propped up on the back of the seat on front of her. She liked being high up in these stands. It was easy to feel the currents in the air all around you; you could be completely alone up here, but at the same time you never were really alone because the air was always there, nudging at you as though it was alive.

Lee wasn't entirely certain if it was against campus rules to go and fly around the pitch for fun, but she had decided to go anyways today. Their last team practice had been a couple weeks ago and she desperately needed to get some more flying in before the next one. Right now, though, the slender olive-skinned girl was content to leave her broom resting in her lap and just sit back to enjoy the sun. She reckoned she could've just as easily gone to the Quad for something like this, but she wanted to be somewhere where she could be alone, just her and the silence.

She stared up into the sky with half-lidded eyes, singing to herself under her breath. It was a song she hadn't actually listened to in years but had popped into her head as she admired the look of green grass against blue sky and the way the sun sparkled off the far Quidditch hoops. Something about how life is ours, we live it our way, and nothing else matters. She couldn't remember how exactly the words went, but the instrumentals played cleanly in her mind and filled in the blanks whenever she paused in the lyrics.

Brown eyes trailing along the edge of the pitch, Lee noticed a figure standing far below her, looking very small from her position at the top of the stands as they mounted a broom. When they came speeding past her, she was able to make out that it was a boy, and she watched him for a while. He reminded her of a hawk as he flew, tearing along at top speeds and pulling sharp corners as he circled the pitch. She felt- well, almost disappointed, when he decided to stop flying. That was soon replaced by surprise as he turned towards her and landed in the stands.

"I'm Xzavier Martin, err, freshman." He looked pretty nervous to be talking to her, and she gave him what she hoped came across as a friendly smile, straightening up a bit in her seat.

"Nice to meet you, Xzavier," she said to him. It felt so weird to have someone actually coming to her; usually, she was the one who had to seek out others, and not the other way around. Guess that just shows how much life changes. "I'm Liana. Liana Chapman. Freshman as well. Your flying," she added, nodding towards his broom, "it's pretty impressive. Do you fly often?"

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    • It's nice and clear up here. — Liana Chapman, Sat Oct 30 15:55
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