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Gabriel Errant
Early Morning Show Off
Thu Nov 11, 2010 15:03

The air was still cold in the weaning winter. Gabriel had never been able to dress appropriately for weather, however, and was perfectly content in nothing but sweatpants and thin t-shirt. He thrust a hand into his pockets and pulled out his wand.

"Accio." He said, waiting for the familiar sound of his broom coming to him. He doubted it would hurt anybody on the way; not many people were out this early at five am. A few minutes later, his broom arrived, skidding to a halt. Gabriel grinned and swung on, happy to be back in the air.

He made a couple loops around the pitch, remembering fondly of practicing with Renée when she had also been on break. She was a chaser on the Crotalus quidditch team at Sonora, and was eager to show her older brother her skills. Gabriel swooped down to the quidditch shed, briefly hopping off to open it up and search for a snitch. Grasping the winged golden ball, he closed the shed, released the ball without looking at it, and hopped back on his broom before commencing searching for it.

Sometimes it was nice to switch it up a little, despite loving his position as chaser, the greatest position in his opinion. He swept his eyes around the pitch, waiting for that brief golden glint contrasting with the pale blue of the early morning air. Just when he caught a glimpse of his target, he was distracted by the sight of someone else entering the pitch. Looking interestingly below him, Gabriel gave a little wave to the indiscernible speck of a figure, smiled, and then zoomed into a dive before smoothly capturing the snitch in an effort to show off.

"Not bad, eh?" He said, gliding down and hovering near the person, the snitch's wings beating weakly against his hands.

    • And Early Morning SchemingLaeche, Thu Nov 11 17:24
      Drifting through the wall of the Quidditch shed, Laeche poked his head through a particular tile in the ceiling and grinned. It was just as he had left it. He quickly grasped the corner of the tile... more
      • I'd like to get in on that.Gabriel Errant, Thu Nov 11 22:44
        Gabriel paused as he realized that it wasn't a person he was talking to - at least, not the ones he was used to conversing with. There had once been a ghoul in his house but his father had driven it... more
        • On the scheming or the Snitching?Laeche, Sat Nov 13 15:29
          Laeche grinned. "Yes, well, when you're as old as I am you tend to learn a trick or two," he told the boy with a wink. "I'm sort of a freak among my own kind." He bobbed closer and poked him. "See?... more
          • Definitely the scheming.Gabriel Errant, Sat Nov 13 22:46
            Gabriel grinned below him when the ghost-thing appeared just below his broom. "How can you get older? You're dead. I just meant 'keep up' because I'm just so darn amazing." He flashed him a wider... more
            • As the "darn amazing" boy followed him towards the Snitch, Laeche increased his speed but restrained himself from flying too fast. If he won, the boy might demand a rematch, which he really didn't... more
              • I'd rather be the mischief maker.Gabriel Errant, Wed Nov 17 17:56
                Gabriel laughed, as if the thought of him dying so soon, so young, was preposterous. In many ways, though he was now twenty, he was very childlike. He still thought that, no matter what he did, he... more
                • There's really only room for one of usLaeche, Sat Nov 20 22:34
                  Laeche rolled his eyes, amused. Eternally handsome? Oh, the poor child. He clearly hadn't thought far enough ahead to figure out that the mortal girls wouldn't be satisfied for long with just looking ... more
                  • Huh. So much for friendly competition.Gabriel Errant, Mon Nov 22 22:39
                    Momentarily confused as to where the ghost-thing had gotten at, Gabriel cried out in surprise as his hand opened of its own accord, and a streak of silvery white emerged from his briefly chilled... more
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