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Gabriel Errant
Definitely the scheming.
Sat Nov 13, 2010 22:46

Gabriel grinned below him when the ghost-thing appeared just below his broom. "How can you get older? You're dead. I just meant 'keep up' because I'm just so darn amazing." He flashed him a wider grin before once again showing off. Slowing his speed just a tad, he raised himself with his arms, for a second all his weight was on his hands pushing down on the broom. Suddenly, his body shot up until he was crouching on the broom, and then straightened up until he was in a full standing position. "WHOO HOO!"

Gabriel laughed loudly as he swayed unsteadily in the air, surfing on his broom. His arms waved wildly, and he looked down to see the ghost-thing turn and reach for something gold. "Oh, damn." Gabriel swore frowning disappointedly. A second later his grin returned again and he let out a loud "Hah!"

Crouching down, he slid his foot forward and his broom handle dipped down, speeding through his spontaneous opponent who was heading the opposite direction. The snitch swayed up and down before zig zagging in the middle. Gabriel laughed in the pursuit, his arms stretched out. "Case. In. Point." He shouted at the ghost-thing. He lunged after the golden ball, briefly losing his balance. Something small and hard hit his palm and for a second he was tipping over. His other hand grabbed the floating wood and he hung there suspended. Still smiling broadly, he twisted around, trying to locate the ghost and get back on his broom at the same time.

  • On the scheming or the Snitching?Laeche, Sat Nov 13 15:29
    Laeche grinned. "Yes, well, when you're as old as I am you tend to learn a trick or two," he told the boy with a wink. "I'm sort of a freak among my own kind." He bobbed closer and poked him. "See?... more
    • Definitely the scheming. — Gabriel Errant, Sat Nov 13 22:46
      • As the "darn amazing" boy followed him towards the Snitch, Laeche increased his speed but restrained himself from flying too fast. If he won, the boy might demand a rematch, which he really didn't... more
        • I'd rather be the mischief maker.Gabriel Errant, Wed Nov 17 17:56
          Gabriel laughed, as if the thought of him dying so soon, so young, was preposterous. In many ways, though he was now twenty, he was very childlike. He still thought that, no matter what he did, he... more
          • There's really only room for one of usLaeche, Sat Nov 20 22:34
            Laeche rolled his eyes, amused. Eternally handsome? Oh, the poor child. He clearly hadn't thought far enough ahead to figure out that the mortal girls wouldn't be satisfied for long with just looking ... more
            • Huh. So much for friendly competition.Gabriel Errant, Mon Nov 22 22:39
              Momentarily confused as to where the ghost-thing had gotten at, Gabriel cried out in surprise as his hand opened of its own accord, and a streak of silvery white emerged from his briefly chilled... more
              • I'm actually quite capable of friendly.Laeche, Tue Nov 23 21:44
                Laeche blinked as the boy exploded at him. He didn't say anything during his outburst, figuring that it would probably only wind him up more. Though he was rather used to this kind of treatment, both ... more
                • That's nice. Try showing it.Gabriel Errant, Sun Nov 28 23:01
                  Gabriel caught the golden ball and clenched it tightly, his knuckles white compared to the rich tan of his skin. He let the words of the ghost thing wash over him, his posture tense as if bracing... more
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