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Of course.. Tell you what, you can be the recipient.
Mon Nov 15, 2010 23:04

As the "darn amazing" boy followed him towards the Snitch, Laeche increased his speed but restrained himself from flying too fast. If he won, the boy might demand a rematch, which he really didn't have time for. If the boy won, however, or even came significantly close to winning.. well, then he might be able to get back to his work a bit sooner.

He wasn't expecting the boy to practically jump off his broom in his eagerness to reach the Snitch, though. Having sped past the boy as he scooped up the golden ball from under his nose, he now spun around and headed back to him, pressing the palm of his tempermentally-substantial-but-now-mostly-solid hand underneath his foot and boosting him back onto his broom. "Point in case indeed," he remarked dryly while performing this action. "You could have easily become a ghost yourself with a stunt like that. Then where would we be?"

If there was one thing Laeche had learned about himself over the years, it was that his early death and ghostly youth had given him a wonderfully short attention span. Even now, as he was desperately hoping to make their game short enough that the boy would soon leave, he was planning how exactly to lengthen their game so that he could win as well. Judging by the way things were currently going, it wasn't something that could be accomplished by human means.. but if there was one thing the trickster was good at, it was at manipulating events like these. The boy wouldn't know what hit him. He cackled at the thought, immediately slapping a hand over his mouth to hide it with a loud coughing fit. Oh yes, this morning was taking a turn for the better.

  • Definitely the scheming.Gabriel Errant, Sat Nov 13 22:46
    Gabriel grinned below him when the ghost-thing appeared just below his broom. "How can you get older? You're dead. I just meant 'keep up' because I'm just so darn amazing." He flashed him a wider... more
    • Of course.. Tell you what, you can be the recipient. — Laeche, Mon Nov 15 23:04
      • I'd rather be the mischief maker.Gabriel Errant, Wed Nov 17 17:56
        Gabriel laughed, as if the thought of him dying so soon, so young, was preposterous. In many ways, though he was now twenty, he was very childlike. He still thought that, no matter what he did, he... more
        • There's really only room for one of usLaeche, Sat Nov 20 22:34
          Laeche rolled his eyes, amused. Eternally handsome? Oh, the poor child. He clearly hadn't thought far enough ahead to figure out that the mortal girls wouldn't be satisfied for long with just looking ... more
          • Huh. So much for friendly competition.Gabriel Errant, Mon Nov 22 22:39
            Momentarily confused as to where the ghost-thing had gotten at, Gabriel cried out in surprise as his hand opened of its own accord, and a streak of silvery white emerged from his briefly chilled... more
            • I'm actually quite capable of friendly.Laeche, Tue Nov 23 21:44
              Laeche blinked as the boy exploded at him. He didn't say anything during his outburst, figuring that it would probably only wind him up more. Though he was rather used to this kind of treatment, both ... more
              • That's nice. Try showing it.Gabriel Errant, Sun Nov 28 23:01
                Gabriel caught the golden ball and clenched it tightly, his knuckles white compared to the rich tan of his skin. He let the words of the ghost thing wash over him, his posture tense as if bracing... more
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