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Cy Holland
Flying is better than walking.
Wed Nov 17, 2010 17:01

Cy approached the pitch, her broom in hand. The warmth that radiated from the cedar handle comforted her, erasing those sad memories for a few moments. Life had been dreadful recently, and her broom had been sitting abandoned in the back of the wardrobe in her dorm since her arrival for her sophmore year. It had fallen out when she was searching for a missing purple sock. She'd scooped it up, but when it hit her hand, knew that it would make her feel better. She had ran down to the Quidditch pitch in the excitement that always accompanied her broom.

She stepped on the the pitch, and reached into the pocket of her coat to pull out her Quidditch gloves, which had been passed down to her by her brother, who recieved them from their father, whose father had been the orginal owner. "The Holland's Luck" they had been deemed, for her grandfather had broken three records wearing them. They were tough, but worn dragon leather-"from the tail of a Horntail," her father said- and were fingerless. She slid of her coat, for it fell to her mid-thigh and was much to long for riding. Tossing it to the side, she mounted her broom, inhaling the fresh air.

She kicked off, and found she didn't want to touch the ground again, ever. She leaned forward, inhaling the smell of her broomstick, and took off. Before she knew it, she was as high as the goal posts, weaving through the air, doing the tricks she's once been known for. She flew higher, until she could see most of this side of the campus. She pushed the old broom faster, zipping around in circles. Suddenly, she longed for a quaffle, or snitch, or even a Beater's bat and a bludger; anything that was part of the game. Cy glanced downward and caught sight of the person below. Feeling spontaneous, she dove in their direction, only to pull up just in time not to hit them.

She hovered above, and flashed a smile, "You wouldn't know where I could find a quaffle, would ya?"

    • Re: Flying is better than walking.Alexandria Christou, Mon Jan 17 16:20
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