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There's really only room for one of us
Sat Nov 20, 2010 22:34

Laeche rolled his eyes, amused. Eternally handsome? Oh, the poor child. He clearly hadn't thought far enough ahead to figure out that the mortal girls wouldn't be satisfied for long with just looking at him, no matter how much his apparently large-ish ego might lead him to believe so.

He was tempted to remain physical as the boy darted towards him, but an idea occured to him and he reluctantly sank into transparency. However, instead of allowing the boy to pass straight through him, he kept pace with the boy this time, twisting around in the split second he was inside the boy's body so that they were facing the same direction. He was glad they were near the same size, otherwise this wouldn't have worked nearly as well.

Laehce flew as fast as he could, carefully judging his location within the boy's skin as the boy dived towards the Snitch so that he wouldn't give himself away as being still inside him. He knew from experience that his ghostly body didn't have quite the same ice-cold temperature of a true ghost, but whatever coldness the boy might be feeling would probably be attributed to the cold weather - unless he accidentally let a single finger slip outside the boy's own. Luckily, Laeche didn't slip up often any more. He'd had decades to practise this particular trick.

After the boy laughingly grabbed the Snitch, Laeche waited patiently for his absense to be noticed before finally allowing one of his hands to become solid. As it did so, the boy would be able to feel it solidifying inside his own, and the natural reflexes of his body would cause his hand to open slightly. This meant that Laeche was able to literally snatch the golden ball from the boy's grasp, sliding forward and out of his body at the same time to tumble forward in a cartwheel and end up sitting cross-legged in the air in front of him.

"Now this is precisely what I meant," he said in a somewhat bored tone, although inwardly he was thrilled at having been able to successfully pull off that little scheme. "You humans always think that just because one's age has increased substantially means that they are slow, either physically or mentally or both." He grinned widely at the boy, waving the Snitch at him. "This proves otherwise, my friend."

  • I'd rather be the mischief maker.Gabriel Errant, Wed Nov 17 17:56
    Gabriel laughed, as if the thought of him dying so soon, so young, was preposterous. In many ways, though he was now twenty, he was very childlike. He still thought that, no matter what he did, he... more
    • There's really only room for one of us — Laeche, Sat Nov 20 22:34
      • Huh. So much for friendly competition.Gabriel Errant, Mon Nov 22 22:39
        Momentarily confused as to where the ghost-thing had gotten at, Gabriel cried out in surprise as his hand opened of its own accord, and a streak of silvery white emerged from his briefly chilled... more
        • I'm actually quite capable of friendly.Laeche, Tue Nov 23 21:44
          Laeche blinked as the boy exploded at him. He didn't say anything during his outburst, figuring that it would probably only wind him up more. Though he was rather used to this kind of treatment, both ... more
          • That's nice. Try showing it.Gabriel Errant, Sun Nov 28 23:01
            Gabriel caught the golden ball and clenched it tightly, his knuckles white compared to the rich tan of his skin. He let the words of the ghost thing wash over him, his posture tense as if bracing... more
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