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Gabriel Errant
Aiming for just victory then.
Mon Nov 22, 2010 19:50

Though this was Gabriel's first game at Sapienti, he had played chaser and keeper interchangeably throughout high school and middle school. A few times he had been seeker, mainly for the glory factor and the fact that girls seemed to go for that sort of thing, but had given up the position out of sheer boredom. He hadn't the patience to wait. That was one reason it surprised him Elly so coveted her position as seeker. She was such an energetic girl, he couldn't see how she could stand it.

Because he'd been playing for so long, Gabriel had long ceased being nervous about games. He was filled only with excitement as he approached the pitch, characteristically under dressed for the weather. He had done what Lucy had said and cast a warming charm on his hands and visibility charm on his face, and would have dressed appropriately if she had told him but apparently she had not felt the need to remind one of her chasers how to properly dress.

'Well, captains can't catch everything.'

Gabriel clutched his broom in bare hand, idly twisting the fabric of his quidditch robes wherein underneath was nothing but a tight white tank top. He wore thin black sweats that rippled under his robes with the breeze. For now, Gabriel was blissfully unaware of his body rapidly freezing, his mind overcome with visions of winning the game. He watched as Lucy and Scott shook hands, grinning as they did a standard crushing of each other's fingers. He looked over at Mia and Hector before looking at Hippogriff chasers. 'Okay, a tough looking crew.' He mounted his self-made broom and waited for the ref to throw the quaffle. 'But at least we have the better looking team.'

The red leather bound ball flew into the air and Gabriel kicked off. Speeding towards the quaffle, Gabriel swerved slightly as one of Lucy's bludgers missed its target, DeVerro, and streaked past him. His dark curls ruffled slightly. DeVerro gained possession of the quaffle and headed towards Fireball goals. Gabriel looked around, noting Mia and Hector's positions. He had seen the Hippogriff beater Salas hit a bludger towards one of them.

Gabriel was surprised that DeVerro chose not to pass to anyone, and used this arrogance to his advantage. He urged his broom faster, flying above DeVerro, absently noting his shadow on the white crystallized ground of the pitch, before clearing his thoughts and focusing. DeVerro was heading steadfastly to the right goal hoop. Gabriel had no time to roll his eyes, instead flattened himself on the wood and steered his broom handle to the left. 'How obvious a feint is that?' He knew that Hyana was capable, but out of exuberance he found himself plotting to make the save himself.

He waited until he saw a flicker of a change in DeVerro's direction and then plummeted from above, swerving around a goal hoop, kicking out with his leg, feeling the hard slap of leather against his shin, and then racing for the quaffle before a hippogriff had time to possess it. "Gotcha!" He cradled the ball against his chest while heading towards the opposing goals.

Flying close below one of his chasers, he gave an easy pass and raised his middle and pointer fingers suggestively, while he waited for them to catch. That was a signal for one of their plays; The possessor of the quaffle heads towards the goals while the other two fell behind for an over-the-shoulder pass.

ooc: i hope it's okay for a chaser to help prevent a goal?

  • Don't even bother.Nathan DeVerro, Mon Nov 22 15:10
    Nathan stepped onto the pitch, his taut face serious as the snow landed in his dark hair, nicely combed just for the match. Though his hair was always unruly on a regular basis, it was just for these ... more
    • Aiming for just victory then. — Gabriel Errant, Mon Nov 22 19:50
      • Victory is goodHector Edwards [Fireball Chaser], Tue Nov 23 17:23
        It was the first game of the season, and Hector was quite excited about it. Quidditch was always a good time, and the blonde had a raging passion for the sport. He was confident they would win this... more
        • Don't bother with that, eitherKerrie Lang {Hippogriff Chaser}, Tue Nov 23 20:41
          If there was one thing that Kerrie Lang couldn't stand, it was the cold. So naturally, the fact that their match against Sapienti was to be held in practically a blizzard didn't impress her at all.... more
          • Gee, I think we're discouraging them.Christopher Salas, Tue Nov 23 22:33
            It was too early in the game to get annoyed. Chris merely gritted his teeth before whipping past Chapman. He'd underestimated her, she did know how to swing a bat. However, he hadn't actually been... more
            • It's going to take more than that. [Hippogriff Chaser]Lucy Featherwick, Wed Nov 24 06:58
              Now, Lucy was becoming annoyed. This game had sped up from nought to one hundred in the past five minutes. That shoulder barge from the Hippogriff Chaser had really been necessary. Cursing under her... more
              • To stop you winning? I think not.Gale Williams, Wed Nov 24 07:59
                Gale, for the most part of the this match had not had much to do. Of course, it wasn't that he needed much to do - after all, he was confident that the Hippogriff's were going to win. The SUM team... more
                • 'nough talk, more playGabriel Errant, Wed Nov 24 10:40
                  Gabriel had no time to be disappointed at Hector's poor pass. The Hippogriff chaser who had been trailing him and Mia shoved into him before speeding back towards Fireball goals. Gabriel turned... more
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