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Liana Chapman
Not on my watch.
Mon Nov 22, 2010 20:13

Lee strapped her wrist guards on tightly over the sleeves of her robes, hoping that they would keep the loose material from getting in her way too much. Underneath the robes she was dressed simply in a long shirt and jeans; it would be cold walking out to the pitch, but once she was in the air, the kind of work she had to do would warm her up fast. Sliding her new magicked goggles down over her eyes, she grinned at herself in the mirror, tying her dark hair back tightly. She was so ready for this.

She was a bit surprised to see their opponents. Though she'd heard rumours of Pendragon's team being a rough crowd, she hadn't expected them to look it. Glancing across her own team as they gathered together in the snow, the difference between the two was obvious. She though they probably had a bit of an advantage there. Their all-girl team (except for Hector and Gabriel-Not-Gabe, of course) came across as being small and fragile, while she knew from watching them during practises that each of them was capable of being just as tough as the brutes facing them. They just needed a bit of encouragement. If one of the Hippogriffs decided to mess with them, they'd be in for a surprise, she knew it.

Straddling her broom and kicking off hard the moment they were signalled to do so, she sped off, rising through the air quickly and coming to a halt far above the pitch. Even with the goggles, she had to really strain to see through the snow-filled air, but after what felt like only a few seconds in she had spotted one of the opposing Beaters. As his arm swung back, she could tell that he was aiming for the nearest Chaser, and she growled under her breath. You're not knocking my team apart that easily.

She forced the handle of her broom down, sliding as much of her weight as possible forward as she dove for the ground. Shifting her eyes between the fast-moving Chaser and the even faster moving Bludger, she aiming to pull up between them, hoping that she would make it in time.

Just as she came in line with them, she gripped her bat in her left hand and unhesitatingly swung it to the side, smashing the Bludger away with a backhanded hit right before it could connect with her own face. Sparing a brief glance up towards the opposing Beater, she turned her attention back towards the Bludger, watching as it zoomed off towards the far goalhoops. The angle she'd hit it at had sprained her wrist, but it wasn't too bad, something easily ignored. She'd gladly take a tiny amount of discomfort like that any day if it meant that their Chasers would remain in one piece.

Here, this close to the ground and in the middle of the action, she felt like a target; out in the open, where it was unsafe, and no matter how wide your eyes were you could never guarantee that they'd be enough to save you. But the weight of the bat in her hand reassured her and she quickly shifted her mind and her body into this new position on the field, ready to put all her effort into fighting off whatever came her way.

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    Chris swung his beater bat casually into the air as he trudged through the snow onto SUM's definition of a Quidditch Stadium, and caught the bat neatly into his thinly gloved hand. He lagged slightly ... more
    • Not on my watch. — Liana Chapman, Mon Nov 22 20:13
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