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Hector Edwards [Fireball Chaser]
Victory is good
Tue Nov 23, 2010 17:23

It was the first game of the season, and Hector was quite excited about it. Quidditch was always a good time, and the blonde had a raging passion for the sport. He was confident they would win this match, he was on the team…nothing could go wrong. He had been born to be a Chaser, it was what he did best, besides other things, but that was out of topic here. He was superb as his position of choice. Plus, he lived for the thrill of the game, the Bludgers zooming trying to knock one down…simply magnificent. He also, was quite excited to match his skills with Mia’s. His fiancée was a regular box of surprises, and he had to admit he loved that about her. You never knew what would come out of her.

Deciding it would be better to meet her on the Pitch, rather than waiting for her outside her dorm, he went to Alimento Hall for something to eat. Eating was very important, you couldn’t suddenly become hungry during a match, it was distracting, and distractions were something you didn’t want. He grabbed something quick to eat and walked to the Quidditch Pitch.

The blonde smiled as he entered one of his favorite places, there was no better feeling than the adrenaline pumping through ones veins. It was exhilarating. He took a deep breath, taking in the chilliness of the weather, good to play in. He casted the usual warming charms on himself, before checking everything was in order with his uniform and Quidditch gear. The freshman had ordered a custom-made uniform, the generic one given to them by the coach was not up to par to his necessities. Also, instead of reading just Edwards, it read H. Edwards, he felt it was more formal. He adjusted his chaser gloves and mounted his broom. The opposition had a reputation about being ruthless, he didn’t particularly care how they looked…he was going to crush them, and if they as much as touched Mia, they would die after the match was over.

He nodded to Mia and Gabriel as the game began. He watched for a few seconds before zooming towards where the Quaffle was. One of the Beaters sent a Bludger his way, but Liana managed to send it the other way. Awesome. That enabled him to fly behind Gabriel and start the fun. He easily caught his pass, and followed his directions (much to his very great annoyance, Hector wasn’t that much of a team player). He sped up and zoomed towards the goal posts. He didn’t know who was on which side, but he would’ve preferred to pass it directly to Mia since he had more trust on her than Gabriel.

He glimpsed behind him to make sure they were there, he made the over-the-shoulder pass to the person on his right. Hector then slowed down a bit and positioned himself for the next move. Those Hippogriff scum were going down. One way or another.

  • Aiming for just victory then.Gabriel Errant, Mon Nov 22 19:50
    Though this was Gabriel's first game at Sapienti, he had played chaser and keeper interchangeably throughout high school and middle school. A few times he had been seeker, mainly for the glory factor ... more
    • Victory is good — Hector Edwards [Fireball Chaser], Tue Nov 23 17:23
      • Don't bother with that, eitherKerrie Lang {Hippogriff Chaser}, Tue Nov 23 20:41
        If there was one thing that Kerrie Lang couldn't stand, it was the cold. So naturally, the fact that their match against Sapienti was to be held in practically a blizzard didn't impress her at all.... more
        • Gee, I think we're discouraging them.Christopher Salas, Tue Nov 23 22:33
          It was too early in the game to get annoyed. Chris merely gritted his teeth before whipping past Chapman. He'd underestimated her, she did know how to swing a bat. However, he hadn't actually been... more
          • It's going to take more than that. [Hippogriff Chaser]Lucy Featherwick, Wed Nov 24 06:58
            Now, Lucy was becoming annoyed. This game had sped up from nought to one hundred in the past five minutes. That shoulder barge from the Hippogriff Chaser had really been necessary. Cursing under her... more
            • To stop you winning? I think not.Gale Williams, Wed Nov 24 07:59
              Gale, for the most part of the this match had not had much to do. Of course, it wasn't that he needed much to do - after all, he was confident that the Hippogriff's were going to win. The SUM team... more
              • 'nough talk, more playGabriel Errant, Wed Nov 24 10:40
                Gabriel had no time to be disappointed at Hector's poor pass. The Hippogriff chaser who had been trailing him and Mia shoved into him before speeding back towards Fireball goals. Gabriel turned... more
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