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Kerrie Lang {Hippogriff Chaser}
Don't bother with that, either
Tue Nov 23, 2010 20:41

If there was one thing that Kerrie Lang couldn't stand, it was the cold. So naturally, the fact that their match against Sapienti was to be held in practically a blizzard didn't impress her at all.

The redhead narrowed her eyes at the sky as she stalked onto the pitch with her teammates, her shoulder-length hair whipping around her in spiked layers that were already frosted with snow. She traded a glance with her fellow Chasers before getting into position, taking a few moments to stretch out her already-stiff fingers in their long gloves as she watched the customary hand strangling ritual being performed by the two Captains. Her excitement for the match was dulled quite a lot by the ridiculously cold weather. She'd take a good rainstorm over this any day.

Once the game had finally started, she trailed along behind Nathan as he grabbed the Quaffle. She couldn't believe his shot didn't go in, thanks to that highly attractive but totally in-the-way Fireball boy. Swivelling her broom around, she slunk after him instead, keeping far enough back that she doubted he had even noticed her presense. When he tossed the ball up to another Chaser, she was tempted to try and intercept it, but though she increased her speed significantly she decided against it, a choice that proved to be in her favour as the second boy threw the ball over his shoulder and right into her face.

Kerrie blinked in surprise but seized the Quaffle. She couldn've sworn he had shoulder-checked before tossing it back, but perhaps his eyes had been thrown off from all the stupid snow everywhere and he'd mistaken her for the other girl Chaser. Whatever the reason, she appreciated it.

"Well thanks buddy!" she shouted out cheerfully, pulling a quick 180 and slamming her shoulder hard into one of the other SUM Chasers in the process. Speeding across the pitch, she cradled the Quaffle to her chest, her attention on the players ahead. From this distance, Kerrie could vaguely make out a Chaser from her own team by the colour of their robes. As she approached, she hefted the Quaffle in her right hand before hurling it towards them, waving with her left that she'd cover them from behind if they headed for the hoops.

  • Victory is goodHector Edwards [Fireball Chaser], Tue Nov 23 17:23
    It was the first game of the season, and Hector was quite excited about it. Quidditch was always a good time, and the blonde had a raging passion for the sport. He was confident they would win this... more
    • Don't bother with that, either — Kerrie Lang {Hippogriff Chaser}, Tue Nov 23 20:41
      • Gee, I think we're discouraging them.Christopher Salas, Tue Nov 23 22:33
        It was too early in the game to get annoyed. Chris merely gritted his teeth before whipping past Chapman. He'd underestimated her, she did know how to swing a bat. However, he hadn't actually been... more
        • It's going to take more than that. [Hippogriff Chaser]Lucy Featherwick, Wed Nov 24 06:58
          Now, Lucy was becoming annoyed. This game had sped up from nought to one hundred in the past five minutes. That shoulder barge from the Hippogriff Chaser had really been necessary. Cursing under her... more
          • To stop you winning? I think not.Gale Williams, Wed Nov 24 07:59
            Gale, for the most part of the this match had not had much to do. Of course, it wasn't that he needed much to do - after all, he was confident that the Hippogriff's were going to win. The SUM team... more
            • 'nough talk, more playGabriel Errant, Wed Nov 24 10:40
              Gabriel had no time to be disappointed at Hector's poor pass. The Hippogriff chaser who had been trailing him and Mia shoved into him before speeding back towards Fireball goals. Gabriel turned... more
              • Ineptitude was something the blonde couldnít tolerate, especially if it made him look bad. Now, the pass hadnít been his mistake, Mia and Gabriel were supposed to be there to catch it, and he... more
                • Javier walked onto the pitch nervously, his breath visible in the winter air. He watched it as it slipped through his lips, rising further and further up until it dissipated into the clear air and... more
                  • No, you're certainly not. {Hippogriff Chaser}Kerrie Lang, Sun Nov 28 18:03
                    Kerrie saw Javier at the hoops in front of her. He barely missed the Quaffle as Edwards threw it in and she frowned in sympathetic frustation. It was her fault she knew; if she'd paid more attention... more
                    • Say again? [Quaffle@Fireball Chaser]Hector, Sun Nov 28 20:14
                      The blonde Chaser hovered mid-air watching the Quaffle go in. HA! He had scored. Awesome. Hector looked up and down the Keeper in contempt, he was certainly short, which was quite weird. Especially... more
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