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Gale Williams
To stop you winning? I think not.
Wed Nov 24, 2010 07:59 (XFF:

Gale, for the most part of the this match had not had much to do. Of course, it wasn't that he needed much to do - after all, he was confident that the Hippogriff's were going to win. The SUM team was no match compared to what he knew that their own team was capable off. They were barely anything and would be crushed and defeated easily. He watched as Riley and the opposing Captain did the ritual of crushing each others fingers, and he smirked. She didn't look much for a Captain, let alone a Beater. Whatever hair-brained selection process had been made to make her both was beyond him. He knew that Salas was going to take her down the moment he got a chance.

As the game began, Gale streaked ahead up the top of the pitch. He didn't have the strongest throw, like Nathan, nor the speed like Kerrie but what he did have was the best aim. If the team wanted to put in a few early goals beforehand just to show their opposition who was boss it was usually him. Making sure to shoulder barge one of the Chasers - Nealson - on his way down to the goal hoops, he went to back up the others if they needed his support. Of course, he doubted that they would. Nathan was virtually unstoppable once he got the Quaffle and he smirked when he saw him shoulder barge the opposition's Captain heavily. ...Shame, he'd got there before Salas. It'd been amusing to watch that particular event happen - Merlin knew that he needed cheering up. A victory today should just about do it, although it shouldn't have been that hard.

As Kerrie caught the Quaffle off a Fireball Chaser, he signalled for it at once and she threw it. He caught it deftly in his left hand and made his way with ease toward the goalposts. As he approached the goal-hoops, trying to stare down the Keeper whilst aiming for the far right hoop, a bludger smashed itself on the tail end of his broom - making him drop the Quaffle and his broom spin out of control. It took him a while to right himself and as he did so he noticed a name flash above him ...'Featherwick' and he made up his mind. Signalling to the nearest Beater, he gestured to the opposing Captain and made a cut-throat sign. She was going to go down.

  • It's going to take more than that. [Hippogriff Chaser]Lucy Featherwick, Wed Nov 24 06:58
    Now, Lucy was becoming annoyed. This game had sped up from nought to one hundred in the past five minutes. That shoulder barge from the Hippogriff Chaser had really been necessary. Cursing under her... more
    • To stop you winning? I think not. — Gale Williams, Wed Nov 24 07:59
      • 'nough talk, more playGabriel Errant, Wed Nov 24 10:40
        Gabriel had no time to be disappointed at Hector's poor pass. The Hippogriff chaser who had been trailing him and Mia shoved into him before speeding back towards Fireball goals. Gabriel turned... more
        • Ineptitude was something the blonde couldnít tolerate, especially if it made him look bad. Now, the pass hadnít been his mistake, Mia and Gabriel were supposed to be there to catch it, and he... more
          • Javier walked onto the pitch nervously, his breath visible in the winter air. He watched it as it slipped through his lips, rising further and further up until it dissipated into the clear air and... more
            • No, you're certainly not. {Hippogriff Chaser}Kerrie Lang, Sun Nov 28 18:03
              Kerrie saw Javier at the hoops in front of her. He barely missed the Quaffle as Edwards threw it in and she frowned in sympathetic frustation. It was her fault she knew; if she'd paid more attention... more
              • Say again? [Quaffle@Fireball Chaser]Hector, Sun Nov 28 20:14
                The blonde Chaser hovered mid-air watching the Quaffle go in. HA! He had scored. Awesome. Hector looked up and down the Keeper in contempt, he was certainly short, which was quite weird. Especially... more
                • Yeah, I didn't quite get that either. {Keeper}Gabriel Errant, Sun Nov 28 22:45
                  Gabriel watched Castillo pull the quaffle from the goal hoop, a second too late to make the save. He smiled happily that the distraction had worked. He turned his broom around to head back to the... more
                  • Too bad for you.Javier Castillo, Mon Nov 29 00:06
                    Javier groaned as the quaffle was once more headed his way. Obviously no one was going to give him a break. Panicked thoughts raced through his mind as the Fireball chasers once again headed toward... more
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