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Christopher Salas
My dreams are far more sinister
Wed Nov 24, 2010 17:43

Chris pulled his broom up until he was far above all the players except one. Through his glasses he spied Erikson, an obnoxiously brightly colored girl who played seeker. Once again, Chris felt satisfied that his own player was superior to her. Riley was seeker and team captain and Chris had nothing but the utmost respect for him. Chris had always been fiercely loyal to his captain and teammates, no matter how difficult he might be off the field.

He watched as she was clearly scouting the air for the ever elusive snitch. It didn't help matters that the weather was so difficult. Twisting around on his broom, he spied a bludger whizzing a few feet below him. Tightening his legs against the hard wood, he pulled his whole body backwards so as to go into a successful upside down dive. It felt like free fall for a few exhilarated seconds. He shakingly pulled his arm back, fighting for steadiness. The bludger approached his face...


Shooting off in an unsteady direction, the bludger headed off towards Eriksson. Chris flipped himself upright in the broom, the force of which he had hit the ball had propelled him a few further feet away, but he sped his broom back up to see where his target had gotten to, hoping it had gotten her in the stomach. That's where he was aiming for.

  • I'm Dreaming of a White VictoryElly Eriksson, Seeker, Sun Nov 21 13:46
    Of all her years of playing Quidditch, Elly had never once played in the snow. She’d practised in the snow, for sure, but her high school games had all been played in the middle of the Sonoran... more
    • My dreams are far more sinister — Christopher Salas, Wed Nov 24 17:43
      • I didn't know you had that much imagination. Lucy Featherwick, Thu Dec 9 04:39
        After sending several Bludgers towards the Chasers, sometimes successfully, but most of the time they missed which aggravated her no end she decided to play tactically. Noticing that both Liana and... more
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