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Liana Chapman
High time to get on the offense. [Hippogriff Chaser]
Fri Nov 26, 2010 17:06

Lee was amazed at how fast the game went. It was just so constant, always flying and ducking other players and smacking Bludgers with as much strength as she could get out of her left hand. She knew the constant pressure on it wasn't exactly a good thing, but she was saving her uninjured right hand for when she really needed it. She knew exactly how much strain her body could take; she reckoned she could still get a few more good hits out of it before having to switch the bat over.

Having spent most of her time hitting Bludgers towards whatever players were in her range, she'd missed watching much of the actual game itself. Right now though, she got the chance to pause in her flying, resting her aching wrist as she looked around to spot the locations of the other players. Much of the action seemed to be going on around the goal-hoops. The Quaffle had been thrown back and forth between the two teams quite a lot, but it looked like Hector had it now and was going to try for a goal.

As she watched him approaching the hoops she saw from the corner of her eye the metallic shine of a Bludger nearing her. Hoping to help him out, she spun around to face it and sent it flying with a loud crack towards a Hippogriff Chaser nearby him, wincing at the sudden wrenching in her wrist. Maybe now would be a good time to change hands.

  • Roaring Fireballs VS Soaring HippogriffsCoach Bradford, Sat Nov 20 23:20
    The first game of the year had been put off for some time due to an outbreak of Dragonpocs at two of the schools. Yet it was that time again the crowds had come to cheer on the Roaring Fireballs or... more
    • High time to get on the offense. [Hippogriff Chaser] — Liana Chapman, Fri Nov 26 17:06
      • ..did you really have to get that offensive?Kerrie Lang, Fri Nov 26 17:57
        Despite Edwards' almost pathetically awesome pass to her, he was now playing much better and was steadily gaining on their goalhoops. But Kerrie wasn't one easily outraced. She sped after him,... more
        • If you thought that was offensive, don't watch this.Christopher Salas, Sun Nov 28 01:22
          "You have no idea." Chris cringed on his broom. There was a brief flash of pain that seemed to travel from the middle of his back to his chest, as if an arrow had struck through him unnoticed, and... more
          • That's more awesome than offensive, actually.Kerrie Lang, Sun Nov 28 18:00
            And sure enough, there Chris was as always, in front of her the moment her thoughts turned to him. Staring into his eyes behind those dark glasses, she smiled at him in gratitude, her own grey eyes... more
            • Well, I'm rather offended.Liana Chapman, Mon Nov 29 20:50
              Lee grinned with satisfaction as her Bludger hit its target, continuing to trace its path around the field from the corner of her eye while the rest of her attention was on Hector and Gabriel. She... more
              • Don't waste your thoughts on them. Lucy Featherwick, Thu Dec 9 04:48
                As Lucy approached Lee, Lucy let out a long string of expletives under her breath. How dare he! Liana was practically hanging off her broom and if she sustained a hit now, she was surely a goner -... more
                • "Hey Lee" a voice drifted to her faintly through the rising wind, and she cracked one eye open slightly before frowning and opening both eyes wider in an attempt to make out the figure in front of... more
    • Aiming for a clean victory. [Hippogriff Chaser]Lucy Featherwick, Mon Nov 22 06:59
      The weather was windy and cold, but Lucy was confident of her team as she strode onto the Quidditch Pitch, her broom tucked under her arm. It was snowing but she'd thankfully told her team to cast a... more
      • Don't even bother.Nathan DeVerro, Mon Nov 22 15:10
        Nathan stepped onto the pitch, his taut face serious as the snow landed in his dark hair, nicely combed just for the match. Though his hair was always unruly on a regular basis, it was just for these ... more
        • Aiming for just victory then.Gabriel Errant, Mon Nov 22 19:50
          Though this was Gabriel's first game at Sapienti, he had played chaser and keeper interchangeably throughout high school and middle school. A few times he had been seeker, mainly for the glory factor ... more
          • Victory is goodHector Edwards [Fireball Chaser], Tue Nov 23 17:23
            It was the first game of the season, and Hector was quite excited about it. Quidditch was always a good time, and the blonde had a raging passion for the sport. He was confident they would win this... more
            • Don't bother with that, eitherKerrie Lang {Hippogriff Chaser}, Tue Nov 23 20:41
              If there was one thing that Kerrie Lang couldn't stand, it was the cold. So naturally, the fact that their match against Sapienti was to be held in practically a blizzard didn't impress her at all.... more
              • Gee, I think we're discouraging them.Christopher Salas, Tue Nov 23 22:33
                It was too early in the game to get annoyed. Chris merely gritted his teeth before whipping past Chapman. He'd underestimated her, she did know how to swing a bat. However, he hadn't actually been... more
                • It's going to take more than that. [Hippogriff Chaser]Lucy Featherwick, Wed Nov 24 06:58
                  Now, Lucy was becoming annoyed. This game had sped up from nought to one hundred in the past five minutes. That shoulder barge from the Hippogriff Chaser had really been necessary. Cursing under her... more
                  • To stop you winning? I think not.Gale Williams, Wed Nov 24 07:59
                    Gale, for the most part of the this match had not had much to do. Of course, it wasn't that he needed much to do - after all, he was confident that the Hippogriff's were going to win. The SUM team... more
                    • 'nough talk, more playGabriel Errant, Wed Nov 24 10:40
                      Gabriel had no time to be disappointed at Hector's poor pass. The Hippogriff chaser who had been trailing him and Mia shoved into him before speeding back towards Fireball goals. Gabriel turned... more
    • Sending a pretty bludger your way {Fireball Chaser}Christopher Salas, Sun Nov 21 19:31
      Chris swung his beater bat casually into the air as he trudged through the snow onto SUM's definition of a Quidditch Stadium, and caught the bat neatly into his thinly gloved hand. He lagged slightly ... more
      • Not on my watch.Liana Chapman, Mon Nov 22 20:13
        Lee strapped her wrist guards on tightly over the sleeves of her robes, hoping that they would keep the loose material from getting in her way too much. Underneath the robes she was dressed simply in ... more
    • I'm Dreaming of a White VictoryElly Eriksson, Seeker, Sun Nov 21 13:46
      Of all her years of playing Quidditch, Elly had never once played in the snow. She’d practised in the snow, for sure, but her high school games had all been played in the middle of the Sonoran... more
      • My dreams are far more sinisterChristopher Salas, Wed Nov 24 17:43
        Chris pulled his broom up until he was far above all the players except one. Through his glasses he spied Erikson, an obnoxiously brightly colored girl who played seeker. Once again, Chris felt... more
        • I didn't know you had that much imagination. Lucy Featherwick, Thu Dec 9 04:39
          After sending several Bludgers towards the Chasers, sometimes successfully, but most of the time they missed which aggravated her no end she decided to play tactically. Noticing that both Liana and... more
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