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Kerrie Lang
That's more awesome than offensive, actually.
Sun Nov 28, 2010 18:00

And sure enough, there Chris was as always, in front of her the moment her thoughts turned to him. Staring into his eyes behind those dark glasses, she smiled at him in gratitude, her own grey eyes tight from pain. He was a thoughtful guy, she reflected with a twinge of affection, always trying to help out any way he could. She'd always admired him for that. That, and his determination to do anything it took to win. But no matter how she felt inside, she couldn't let any kind of relationship that could come between them and the team develop. They had to play this game fast and hard; there wasn't time for distractions.

"Oh, don't worry, I will," she whispered more to herself than him as he dropped below her. She sped over him, trying to ignore the sudden wrenching in her side from the quick turn. Go get 'em yourself, Chris. Smack her a good one for me.

The hollow thud of a heavy bat against a body echoed her thoughts, and she smirked. Oh, the sweet sound of revenge.

She loved that kid.

  • If you thought that was offensive, don't watch this.Christopher Salas, Sun Nov 28 01:22
    "You have no idea." Chris cringed on his broom. There was a brief flash of pain that seemed to travel from the middle of his back to his chest, as if an arrow had struck through him unnoticed, and... more
    • That's more awesome than offensive, actually. — Kerrie Lang, Sun Nov 28 18:00
      • Well, I'm rather offended.Liana Chapman, Mon Nov 29 20:50
        Lee grinned with satisfaction as her Bludger hit its target, continuing to trace its path around the field from the corner of her eye while the rest of her attention was on Hector and Gabriel. She... more
        • Don't waste your thoughts on them. Lucy Featherwick, Thu Dec 9 04:48
          As Lucy approached Lee, Lucy let out a long string of expletives under her breath. How dare he! Liana was practically hanging off her broom and if she sustained a hit now, she was surely a goner -... more
          • "Hey Lee" a voice drifted to her faintly through the rising wind, and she cracked one eye open slightly before frowning and opening both eyes wider in an attempt to make out the figure in front of... more
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