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Liana Chapman
Well, I'm rather offended.
Mon Nov 29, 2010 20:50

Lee grinned with satisfaction as her Bludger hit its target, continuing to trace its path around the field from the corner of her eye while the rest of her attention was on Hector and Gabriel. She was so focussed on watching them approaching the goalhoops that she didn't notice the person beside her until he spoke up, causing her to start slightly and remember where she was: in the middle of a game, where being distracted could cost you everything. Her sharp retort to his insult was cut off as he slammed his bat into her side. Not expecting the sudden attack, she had no time to brace herself for it and her broom rolled sideways from the impact.

Vision clouded from pain and the wind knocked out of her, she was barely able to stay on her broom, instinctively tightening her grip on the handle and managing to hook one of her knees around it before it flipped over completely. She hung below it, gasping for breath through the stabbing pain in her chest. Jerk cracked my ribs. What's his deal? It took all her effort to breathe, let alone hang onto her broom. She wasn't certain if she'd have the strength to pull herself back onto it.

Clenching her jaw to keep from screaming out, she managed to wrap the fingers of her right hand around her broom despite the pain spreading down it from where Salas had hit her. "You've gone soft," she ground out to herself as she began pulling herself back up. "Stop being such a wimp--" Lee cursed loudly as her arm spasmed and jerked the broom sideways but was able to use the momentum to swing her left leg around it. Breathing as deeply as possible, she forced herself to relax. I'll rest a moment and then try again, she thought wearily, too tired to even continue cursing out loud though a long stream of choice words was running through her head.

She closed her eyes, feeling the muscles in her shoulders and legs tensing up as they fought against gravity to hold her there. Lee wasn't giving up. She never gave up. But she was smart enough to know that the best course of action right now was to wait, and as much as she hated to just be hanging there, that was what she was going to do until the opportune moment arrived for her to pull herself up.

  • That's more awesome than offensive, actually.Kerrie Lang, Sun Nov 28 18:00
    And sure enough, there Chris was as always, in front of her the moment her thoughts turned to him. Staring into his eyes behind those dark glasses, she smiled at him in gratitude, her own grey eyes... more
    • Well, I'm rather offended. — Liana Chapman, Mon Nov 29 20:50
      • Don't waste your thoughts on them. Lucy Featherwick, Thu Dec 9 04:48
        As Lucy approached Lee, Lucy let out a long string of expletives under her breath. How dare he! Liana was practically hanging off her broom and if she sustained a hit now, she was surely a goner -... more
        • "Hey Lee" a voice drifted to her faintly through the rising wind, and she cracked one eye open slightly before frowning and opening both eyes wider in an attempt to make out the figure in front of... more
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