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Lucy Featherwick
Don't waste your thoughts on them.
Thu Dec 9, 2010 04:48 (XFF:

As Lucy approached Lee, Lucy let out a long string of expletives under her breath. How dare he! Liana was practically hanging off her broom and if she sustained a hit now, she was surely a goner - out of the game. And the game would certainly be a lot harder with one Beater down for the both of them. Already their chasers were suffering, with Gabriel who was doing most of the play sustaining an injury already whilst the Hippogriff Chasers took up most of the field. It was time for the team to get back in the game and whip their opponents sorry butts - but to do that, she had to make sure that Liana could cope with the rest of the game.

Not really wanting to stay for to long, as she'd act as a target for Salas for sure, she pulled out her wand from the inside of her robe sleeve out of the leather case strapped to her arm to protect it amongst various shield charms and drew close to Liana who was practically helpless on her broom. "Hey Lee, stay still. I'mma numb the pain okay, so you can get back into the game." Pointing the wand at the girls ribs, she muttered a short incantation before quickly sliding her wand back in its case. Extending her hand she helped her fellow teammate back onto her broom and steadied her.

Smiling but still wary, she nodded. "Can't win this without you! Come on!" she yelled over the wind and snow, before turning around and speeding back off towards the state of play. She really hoped that Lee could fend for herself now, even if it just meant sending bludgers towards the players as a diversion. Every little helped after all and Lucy was not about to go down without a fight.

  • Well, I'm rather offended.Liana Chapman, Mon Nov 29 20:50
    Lee grinned with satisfaction as her Bludger hit its target, continuing to trace its path around the field from the corner of her eye while the rest of her attention was on Hector and Gabriel. She... more
    • Don't waste your thoughts on them. — Lucy Featherwick, Thu Dec 9 04:48
      • "Hey Lee" a voice drifted to her faintly through the rising wind, and she cracked one eye open slightly before frowning and opening both eyes wider in an attempt to make out the figure in front of... more
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