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Liana Chapman
Bit hard not to, when they keep popping up in my face.
Thu Dec 9, 2010 20:00

"Hey Lee" a voice drifted to her faintly through the rising wind, and she cracked one eye open slightly before frowning and opening both eyes wider in an attempt to make out the figure in front of her. Vaguely she realized that it was Lucy, and then a tingling ran down across her stomach as her fellow Beater pointed a wand at her, leaving her side blissfully numb. Finally she was able to grip her broom more firmly and pull herself back onto it, gratefully smiling at Lucy as a part of her mind groggily wondered why she'd referred to her as Lee. She hadn't introduced herself that way in years; the only people who ever really called her that had been Aaron and his mates. Well, perhaps she told Lucy to call her by her nickname sometime during their Quidditch practices. She really couldn't remember right now. Her brain was pretty fuzzy.

"Yeah, forsure, thanks," she called back, her throat all down to her ribs aching slightly from the effort it took to shout over the wind. Shifting her bat to her right hand - she hadn't even realized she was still holding it until now, it was a miracle she hadn't dropped it when Salas hit her - she squinted around her, trying to see through the snow. Her vision felt a bit distorted, like she was on the verge of passing out. She'd felt this way and worse plenty of times before, admittedly never this many feet about the ground, but she felt that she could hang in a bit longer. Hopefully Elly would find that Snitch soon. If not, I might end up having to make a dive for the ground in the near future..

  • Don't waste your thoughts on them. Lucy Featherwick, Thu Dec 9 04:48
    As Lucy approached Lee, Lucy let out a long string of expletives under her breath. How dare he! Liana was practically hanging off her broom and if she sustained a hit now, she was surely a goner -... more
    • Bit hard not to, when they keep popping up in my face. — Liana Chapman, Thu Dec 9 20:00
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