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Gabriel Errant
Spring Breeze
Mon Jan 3, 2011 21:19

"Ah, now here's the part I have trouble remembering." Gabriel pretended to ponder as he held Aurelie close. "I can't quite remember if I bent my head down like this," His face leaned into hers, letting her sweet smell waft over him like a spring breeze. "Teasing you but not actually touching." He grinned, his lips half an inch away from her own. "Or did I," his face took on the expression of mock shock. "Did I cause the scandal of the season by pulling you close against me, and despite all of society watching us, did I allow the the enchantment by moonlight get the best of me and kiss you like - "

His own urges interrupted him as his lips crashed against her own. A tidal wave of playful lust. He was still smiling triumphantly into the kiss. Acting and kissing. It was always fun to combine his two pleasures. This time he was the first to pull away. He let go of her waist and stroked his chin in one hand, giving a convincing sigh and shrug. "I just honestly can't remember which I did."

He laughed suddenly. "And perhaps I was a gentleman and didn't kiss you at all." His eyes were bright as he looked down at her. A sudden breeze broke through the steady warmth of the air, but he didn't feel any less flushed. "What do you remember happening?"

  • I'm expecting so. Aurelie Chevalier, Mon Jan 3 17:44
    Aurelie grinned at his charm. She could bet she had more charisma than he. But then again, who was she kidding? She was a Veela. No one could compare. She tilted her head upwards to look down at him, ... more
    • Spring Breeze — Gabriel Errant, Mon Jan 3 21:19
      • Breezes always feel so nice. Aurelie Chevalier, Wed Jan 5 00:45
        Aurelie smiled widely after he pulled away. This was going exactly the way she wanted. The breeze ruffled her bright blonde hair that she had falling freely down her back. "Well," she said, tapping... more
        • Many more are coming.Gabriel Errant, Mon Jan 10 23:02
          Gabriel's mind had succumbed into a blissful blankness, while the rest of his body tinged in excitement. There was a thousand things he wanted to do to Aurelie right then (none of them suitable... more
          • I want it all now.Aurelie Chevalier, Tue Jan 11 15:09
            Aurelie was feeling wonderful. More than wonderful, actually. Fantastically wonderful! Was that even a phrase? Oh well. She smiled as Gabriel's lips moved to her neck and wrapped her arms around his... more
            • Guess I'll have to give it to you then.Gabriel Errant, Sat Jan 15 15:38
              "I want more." She said. Gabriel gaped at her as she said the words pretty much every straight bloke wanted to hear from a pretty girl. It was like the air stirred at her words and pulled him closer... more
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