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Aurelie Chevalier
Breezes always feel so nice.
Wed Jan 5, 2011 00:45

Aurelie smiled widely after he pulled away. This was going exactly the way she wanted. The breeze ruffled her bright blonde hair that she had falling freely down her back. "Well," she said, tapping her chin and pretending to ponder, "I suppose a scandal is rather interesting." She wrinkled her nose at him. "Being a gentleman is overrated." She put her hand on the back of his neck and pulled him down for another kiss.

When she pulled away, she sighed. "Enough with all this role-playing business," she said. "Let's just snog." She kissed him again, not planning on breaking away any time soon. All through her mind, she could see George. Sweet, nice, gentlemanly George. Well, what did he expect, marrying a Veela, really? And besides, she's sixteen! George expected too much of her. Pushing her fiance to the back of her mind, she kissed her companion fervently, wanting to make his mind go blank.

  • Spring BreezeGabriel Errant, Mon Jan 3 21:19
    "Ah, now here's the part I have trouble remembering." Gabriel pretended to ponder as he held Aurelie close. "I can't quite remember if I bent my head down like this," His face leaned into hers,... more
    • Breezes always feel so nice. — Aurelie Chevalier, Wed Jan 5 00:45
      • Many more are coming.Gabriel Errant, Mon Jan 10 23:02
        Gabriel's mind had succumbed into a blissful blankness, while the rest of his body tinged in excitement. There was a thousand things he wanted to do to Aurelie right then (none of them suitable... more
        • I want it all now.Aurelie Chevalier, Tue Jan 11 15:09
          Aurelie was feeling wonderful. More than wonderful, actually. Fantastically wonderful! Was that even a phrase? Oh well. She smiled as Gabriel's lips moved to her neck and wrapped her arms around his... more
          • Guess I'll have to give it to you then.Gabriel Errant, Sat Jan 15 15:38
            "I want more." She said. Gabriel gaped at her as she said the words pretty much every straight bloke wanted to hear from a pretty girl. It was like the air stirred at her words and pulled him closer... more
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