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Gabriel Errant
Many more are coming.
Mon Jan 10, 2011 23:02

Gabriel's mind had succumbed into a blissful blankness, while the rest of his body tinged in excitement. There was a thousand things he wanted to do to Aurelie right then (none of them suitable during the day, in public, or on the Quidditch bleachers) but restricted himself to just kissing back, matching passion for passion, and holding her close as he could without anyone being unnecessarily crushed. 'This... feels... nice.'

Though everything about Aurelie felt good, and tasted good, and smelled great... something that had been lurking in the vestiges of his playful mind began to make its way to the forefront. He tried avoiding it by briefly leaving Aurelie's lips to attentively explore her neck, but the thoughts came anyway. It was annoying to have to think about Arlette while he kissed her sister, but the thoughts came unbidden. Now that he thought about it (in between his lips rising up to meet Aurelie's once again) he had been rather disappointed that Arlette had just let him go. He knew hadn't ever asked her out directly or anything, he had no claim on her and she certainly had none on him, but would it have killed her to just show a little jealousy while he flirted with her sister? 'Or does she really not care? It was driving him mad. Or it would, if Aurelie wasn't currently driving him wild.

His attention refocused to where it needed to be, he busied himself in getting to know the girl better. Eventually though, they both had to breathe, and Gabriel generously allowed her to catch her breath, his own lungs burning - but for a break or for continuance he didn't know. Her kisses were like inflamed oxygen. Couldn't breathe with it, couldn't breathe without it. Grinning, he still held her in his arms. "Eh, querida? How was that for a snog?"

  • Breezes always feel so nice. Aurelie Chevalier, Wed Jan 5 00:45
    Aurelie smiled widely after he pulled away. This was going exactly the way she wanted. The breeze ruffled her bright blonde hair that she had falling freely down her back. "Well," she said, tapping... more
    • Many more are coming. — Gabriel Errant, Mon Jan 10 23:02
      • I want it all now.Aurelie Chevalier, Tue Jan 11 15:09
        Aurelie was feeling wonderful. More than wonderful, actually. Fantastically wonderful! Was that even a phrase? Oh well. She smiled as Gabriel's lips moved to her neck and wrapped her arms around his... more
        • Guess I'll have to give it to you then.Gabriel Errant, Sat Jan 15 15:38
          "I want more." She said. Gabriel gaped at her as she said the words pretty much every straight bloke wanted to hear from a pretty girl. It was like the air stirred at her words and pulled him closer... more
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