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Gabriel Errant
Guess I'll have to give it to you then.
Sat Jan 15, 2011 15:38

"I want more." She said. Gabriel gaped at her as she said the words pretty much every straight bloke wanted to hear from a pretty girl. It was like the air stirred at her words and pulled him closer to her. Everything seemed hotter too, and wet.

"No," he said dazed. "No, a tumble wouldn't hurt at all." Grinning with reckless abandon, he suddenly picked her up easily in his arms as if carrying his new bride, ducking his head between her arms and turned his head to look at her. "This is to ensure the quickest way possible." Unaware of the veela charm being worked on him, he leaned in for another kiss and turned on his heel while making contact and cradling her closer to his chest.

OOC: continued at Merlo.

  • I want it all now.Aurelie Chevalier, Tue Jan 11 15:09
    Aurelie was feeling wonderful. More than wonderful, actually. Fantastically wonderful! Was that even a phrase? Oh well. She smiled as Gabriel's lips moved to her neck and wrapped her arms around his... more
    • Guess I'll have to give it to you then. — Gabriel Errant, Sat Jan 15 15:38
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