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Alexandria Christou
Re: Flying is better than walking.
Mon Jan 17, 2011 16:20

With her broom, a Twigger 90, clutched lightly in her right hand, Alex made her way onto the Quidditch pitch. She figured, that because she had just arrived not even a day ago for her freshman year at SUM, flying would be a good way to calm the nerves that had been attacking her since she had apparated to the university. She had barely even vacated to her new dorm apartment in the Sultana house, and had immediately grasped her broom to come here.

Flying had always been one of her [very few] favorite hobbies, namely playing Quidditch however; so she assumed she would be out here on the pitch when she didn't have class, or during her spare time. She mounted her broom, but before she could kick off, another student had flown only a few feet away from her, asking her if she knew anywhere that she could find a quaffle.

"Oh, I'm sorry...I'm not sure." She said, offering a small smile. "I'm new here, you see.." and then she paused, sure that she didn't need to give this girl a whole explanation. But then again, she always did explain herself when she didn't give the correct answer that the questioner was expecting.

  • Flying is better than walking.Cy Holland, Wed Nov 17 17:01
    Cy approached the pitch, her broom in hand. The warmth that radiated from the cedar handle comforted her, erasing those sad memories for a few moments. Life had been dreadful recently, and her broom... more
    • Re: Flying is better than walking. — Alexandria Christou, Mon Jan 17 16:20
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