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Mathias Reid
Hate to Feel
Sat Jan 22, 2011 18:13

The campus was always full of people, but on a rainy day like this they would all be sensibly huddling inside. Matt, on the other hand, was going for a walk.

Someplace open was what he needed right now, open to the elements, ready to send the storm's beating onto whoever was fool enough to step in. The Quidditch pitch perfectly fit that need and within minutes he was walking onto it. Unrestrained by the braid he usually tied it back in, his long white-blond hair whipped around him in the wind, and judging purely by the wind's direction he walked until it felt like he was in about the middle of the pitch. That was where he stopped and fell to the ground, mud and wet grass squishing against him.

Rolling over onto his back, Matt crossed his arms under his head. He honestly thought Sapienti would be the death of him. The school was made of sound, and not boring flat sound either, but dimensional sound. He wished it was flat instead. Having to wake up every morning knowing that it was going to be another full day of sifting through what noises were coming from what directions around him and figuring out which ones were inanimate-object noises or living noises or Earth noises or magic noises... just the thought of it totally exhausted him. Matt knew that his lack of eyes made him weak. He figured it made him stronger too in some ways, but he certainly didn't feel very strong.

Yet here he was now, lying shirtless in the mud with his long hair spread in a tangled mess around him. There were some times Matt tried to escape noise and find a place of total silence so that he could think, and other times he welcomed noise and tried to completely surround himself by it so that he couldn't think. This time was one of the latter, and he couldn't care less what he looked like because he had finally found what he had been waiting for.

The storm filled his ears and he smiled up at it as water soaked through his blindfold. The moisture stung painfully as it touched the ruins of his eyes and drops of rain rolled down his face in mimicry of tears. Sure, inside it was warm, and life was good. But out here everything was really alive, he was alive, and he wasn't even fighting for it.

  • Trying to feel.Darla Applerose, Fri Jan 21 00:39
    Darla, insistent on flying this rainy day, walked with a purpose, her custom-made broom in hand. Her wavy brown hair was pulled into a ponytail, and it bounced along with her Quidditch boots. As she... more
    • Hate to Feel — Mathias Reid, Sat Jan 22 18:13
      • I'm with you thereDarla Applerose, Mon Jan 24 22:29
        Darla sniffed and recognised Matt as he walked blindly through the rain. He seemed carefree right now, walking through the rain. The last time she'd met him, well, the first time too, he'd seemed... more
        • I'm glad someone agreesMatt, Tue Jan 25 17:46
          He didn't really want to tear his ears away from the storm, but he pushed himself into a more vertical sitting position and turned towards her. "Hey, Darla." Matt was a bit surprised that she was... more
          • Re: I'm glad someone agreesDarla, Wed Jan 26 17:51
            Insanity. Darla let out a breath. That was the right word for everything. "Yes," she agreed. "Everything's maddening these days." She sniffed, trying to control her voice. She didn't want to start... more
            • But feeling is important too.Matt, Thu Jan 27 19:17
              Matt was uncertain about what to say or if Darla even really expected him to say anything. She was silent as well, so he turned his face towards the clouds, feeling the cool rain strike against him... more
              • But it hurts too much.Darla, Sun Jan 30 20:27
                Darla wasn't sure how Matt would react to what she'd just told him, but in a moment, he shared his condolences, and she felt like crying again. Then he embraced her, sort of, and she felt the urge to ... more
                • Lost on how to reply, Matt just nodded silently. He'd always found it sad how one could die both physically and mentally. It was just another blow to the people they left behind them. He hugged her... more
                  • Darla wasn't exactly the type to vent out her problems and troubles to people. It was a sign of weakness, at least in her mind, so she tried to keep it in. It wasn't exactly like she had had many... more
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