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Elly Eriksson
I will get this right one day.
Sun Jan 23, 2011 10:48

Ever since Quidditch had been a part of her life - which was going back almost ten years, now she thought about it - Elly had put in as much effort as her lifestyle had allowed, which was often a great deal more than was expected of her. She didn't mind working hours and hours out in the cold and rain for practises, she didn't mind it when occasionally she woke up walking a bit funny because she's over exerted herself during the extra practises she held in her own time. This was her hobby - she loved Quidditch, and she would be happy to occasionally spend every waking moment on her broomstick. This was a large part of the reason she felt so miserable after the game against the Hippogriffs; she hadn't cuaght the Snitch and felt like she'd let them team down. She'd done her best, of course, but sometime that just wasn't good enough. rather than realising this, the sophomore had instead stepped up her already gruelling workout.

At precisely six thirty in the morning, she wasn't surprised that she was the only person down on the pitch. The early summer sun was already part-way up in the sky, and a very light, drizzling rain was making miniature rainbows across the grass. Elly had on the plain black joggers and sweater she usually wore for practise, and her long red curls were tidied back into a tight ponytail tokeep her hair out of her face as she flew. There was little wind to speak of, but after a few warm-ups laps the Seeker for the Roaring Fireballs bt on such a burst of speed that she felt the tiny droplets of rain hard as bullets on her cheeks, and her broomstick was vibrating as she pushed it to its limit. being a Seeker meant she had to be fast, nimble, instinctive, agile. All those things Elly felt she was on a broom - off a broom she was best described as clumsy, but once her feet were taken out of the equation her co-ordination improved considerably.

There was, however, one particular move that Elly had yet to pull off with success. The Wronski Feint was more than just a party trick - she'd seen it win games. Unfortunately it was a great deal harder than it looked, and on two of the previous occasions Elly had attempted it she'd had to pay a visit to the hospital wing. She was feeling good today. Maybe today was the day. Who knew? Psyching herself up, Elly took her broom a little higher in the sky. Focusing on a particular spot on the ground, she took a deep breath. "Here goes nothing." Suddenly dipping the nose of her broom, Elly leant forward, plummeting towards the ground, her ears popping and eyes watering. The ground was coming closer, closer, closer. When she couldn't stand it any longer, only about ten feet from the ground, Elly pulled the handle of her broom up. The tail twigs clipped the ground, sending the broom spinning and its rider ungracefully to the ground. Elly landed on her back, the impact surprising her but aside from that she felt okay - she couldn't have fallen more than about eight feet, and the drizzle had made the ground soft. Gingerly strecthing out her toes, the redhead made sure she was okay before sitting up. "Not today, then," she mumbled as she pulled herself together enough to sit up with her legs out in fron tof her. That's when she noticed someone hurrying towards her. "I'm okay," she called out to ease potential panic, just in case they'd seen her being flung from her broom.

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