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I'm glad someone agrees
Tue Jan 25, 2011 17:46

He didn't really want to tear his ears away from the storm, but he pushed himself into a more vertical sitting position and turned towards her. "Hey, Darla." Matt was a bit surprised that she was here. Yet when he thought about it, he realized that he wasn't particularly angry that she had interrupted his silence, either. Having someone else with him was all right. Even with her here, he could still make out the sound of thunder growling faintly in the clouds and tune his ears towards it instead of every other direction they wanted to pull him in.

"What am I doing out here?" he repeated a bit vaguely, the majority of his attention still on the storm around them as he tried to finger-comb the mud out of his hair. He smiled as he replied. "Not anything in particular. I just love storms. They're so... so alive. I couldn't not be out here." Being in them made him feel alive too. If he could feel the wind and rain and sharpness in the air, then surely he could leave it and still live through whatever came next. Giving up on his hair, he instead waved his hand towards the general direction of the school. "It also gives me a chance to get away from the insanity over there."

Her voice sounded different from when he'd heard it last. Just a bit heavier, a bit tighter. Matt tilted his head at her with slight concern. "How about you? Why are you here?" He reached out hesitatingly but unerringly to touch her lightly on the shoulder. "What's up?"

  • I'm with you thereDarla Applerose, Mon Jan 24 22:29
    Darla sniffed and recognised Matt as he walked blindly through the rain. He seemed carefree right now, walking through the rain. The last time she'd met him, well, the first time too, he'd seemed... more
    • I'm glad someone agrees — Matt, Tue Jan 25 17:46
      • Re: I'm glad someone agreesDarla, Wed Jan 26 17:51
        Insanity. Darla let out a breath. That was the right word for everything. "Yes," she agreed. "Everything's maddening these days." She sniffed, trying to control her voice. She didn't want to start... more
        • But feeling is important too.Matt, Thu Jan 27 19:17
          Matt was uncertain about what to say or if Darla even really expected him to say anything. She was silent as well, so he turned his face towards the clouds, feeling the cool rain strike against him... more
          • But it hurts too much.Darla, Sun Jan 30 20:27
            Darla wasn't sure how Matt would react to what she'd just told him, but in a moment, he shared his condolences, and she felt like crying again. Then he embraced her, sort of, and she felt the urge to ... more
            • Lost on how to reply, Matt just nodded silently. He'd always found it sad how one could die both physically and mentally. It was just another blow to the people they left behind them. He hugged her... more
              • Darla wasn't exactly the type to vent out her problems and troubles to people. It was a sign of weakness, at least in her mind, so she tried to keep it in. It wasn't exactly like she had had many... more
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