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Re: I'm glad someone agrees
Wed Jan 26, 2011 17:51

Insanity. Darla let out a breath. That was the right word for everything. "Yes," she agreed. "Everything's maddening these days." She sniffed, trying to control her voice. She didn't want to start hiccuping or something atrocious like that.

Matt asked if she was alright, and when he touched her shoulder, she scoffed a laugh and fell down to sit on her bottom. The mud squished beneath her. Now her robes were filthy. She wondered what her grandfather would've said to her if he'd seen her.

"Me? Just living." Thunder rumbled above their heads, and she raised her head again to let the rain wash her face. Her eyes closed. "Trying to forget things." Should she tell him? Darla's head dropped down to her chest and she stared at the ruined grass beneath her. Why not?

Darla bit her bottom lip, a bad habit that only came out when she was beyond upset. She took a deep breath. "I got a letter from my grandparents today," she said. "They're in England. My granddad..." She could feel herself choking up. She couldn't say it. She shook her head, though she knew Matt couldn't see her doing it.

"Sometimes I think it'd be better to not feel," she said, biting her lip once more. "How did you deal with...death?" Oh Merlin, she'd said it, and she felt like her heart was wrenching.

  • I'm glad someone agreesMatt, Tue Jan 25 17:46
    He didn't really want to tear his ears away from the storm, but he pushed himself into a more vertical sitting position and turned towards her. "Hey, Darla." Matt was a bit surprised that she was... more
    • Re: I'm glad someone agrees — Darla, Wed Jan 26 17:51
      • But feeling is important too.Matt, Thu Jan 27 19:17
        Matt was uncertain about what to say or if Darla even really expected him to say anything. She was silent as well, so he turned his face towards the clouds, feeling the cool rain strike against him... more
        • But it hurts too much.Darla, Sun Jan 30 20:27
          Darla wasn't sure how Matt would react to what she'd just told him, but in a moment, he shared his condolences, and she felt like crying again. Then he embraced her, sort of, and she felt the urge to ... more
          • Lost on how to reply, Matt just nodded silently. He'd always found it sad how one could die both physically and mentally. It was just another blow to the people they left behind them. He hugged her... more
            • Darla wasn't exactly the type to vent out her problems and troubles to people. It was a sign of weakness, at least in her mind, so she tried to keep it in. It wasn't exactly like she had had many... more
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