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But feeling is important too.
Thu Jan 27, 2011 19:17

Matt was uncertain about what to say or if Darla even really expected him to say anything. She was silent as well, so he turned his face towards the clouds, feeling the cool rain strike against him and wash the mud from his skin. As she began to talk again though, he froze in shock. "Merlin, Darla... I'm so sorry," he breathed. He couldn't blame her for not being able to finish her sentence. It was a terrible feeling. No wonder she'd chosen to be out here.

Even as she spoke, he could feel that familiar tightening of his chest, tightness like he was breaking inside. "Not very well," he finally admitted. "Yet you have to feel it, no matter how much it kills you to, because it's the only way you can get past it." Matt scooched closer to her and looped an arm around her shoulder in a sort of sideways hug. "I know," he said simply, turning his head to face the pitch in front of them. "It's the worst feeling in the world. So don't feel like you have to hide it from everyone. Take some time off, and just... think about it. But try not to think of it as the end." The faintest smile spread across his face, equal parts pain and relief. "It really is a life cycle, you know. No one truly dies so long as there's someone left behind them to remember. You don't need them around physically any more. Their memories, their soul - what makes them them - it's a part of you. Up here." He rapped his fingers against his forehead. "They're always gonna be up there for when you need them back the most."

Matt squeezed her shoulders gently, trying to comfort her. He knew where she was at right now, and he knew it'd get better, she just had to accept it. It was hard but she could do it. He knew she could. News as sudden as this could cripple anyone, but he still remembered his impression of her back when he'd first met her; she was a strong person at heart. But something did occur to him after a few minutes, and he asked her. "Could you Apparate back home, to see him again?"

  • Re: I'm glad someone agreesDarla, Wed Jan 26 17:51
    Insanity. Darla let out a breath. That was the right word for everything. "Yes," she agreed. "Everything's maddening these days." She sniffed, trying to control her voice. She didn't want to start... more
    • But feeling is important too. — Matt, Thu Jan 27 19:17
      • But it hurts too much.Darla, Sun Jan 30 20:27
        Darla wasn't sure how Matt would react to what she'd just told him, but in a moment, he shared his condolences, and she felt like crying again. Then he embraced her, sort of, and she felt the urge to ... more
        • Lost on how to reply, Matt just nodded silently. He'd always found it sad how one could die both physically and mentally. It was just another blow to the people they left behind them. He hugged her... more
          • Darla wasn't exactly the type to vent out her problems and troubles to people. It was a sign of weakness, at least in her mind, so she tried to keep it in. It wasn't exactly like she had had many... more
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