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Liana Chapman
Bouncing Back
Thu Jan 27, 2011 22:33

Liana had gotten up early this morning in hopes of getting some good practice time out on the pitch. She'd finally travelled back to Toronto over the summer and carefully counted out some of her savings to buy her own bat, and she was looking forward to trying it out. Getting onto the pitch to find the Quidditch shed locked for once had been a bit disappointing, as had been her failed attempt at transfiguring her socks into a pair of true Bludgers. Instead, she'd eventually decided to settle for conjuring up a variety of simple Muggle balls instead.

Now perched on her broom high above the ground, fingers wrapped around the handle of her shiny new bat, Lee eagerly scanned the sky around her. She tensed up in anticipation as she saw a silhouette approaching her against the sun. Her bat met the charmed orange ball with a hollow thud and sent it careening off towards the stands, where it soon spun around to fly back towards her.

As soon as she felt comfortable with the one ball, she paused to slide her wand from the sheath strapped to her forearm and pointed it at one of the other balls lying on the ground, charming each one in turn into joining the first. She soon had five of them speeding in a veritable whirlwind around her. Too easily, she fell back into the old rhythm of Beating, smacking the balls away automatically as soon as they came within range of her arm.

She was so focused on keeping them from touching her that she didn't realize she wasn't alone until she smashed a basketball down towards the ground. Her dark eyes following its path, she watched in mild surprise as it landed at someone's feet and bounced up over their head before rolling off down the pitch. Lee immediately tucked her bat under her arm and turned into a steep dive, swinging her legs over her broom as she pulled up towards the ground. She hit the ground running and hurried towards the figure. "Sorry about that!" she shouted to them, shading her eyes with the hand holding her bat as she tried to see past the sun to make out who the person was.

    • Can we ever just meet under normal circumstances?Calix Panos, Fri Jan 28 00:07
      Calix breathed the nicotine in with relief. ' It's been too long old friend. ' Last night his pack had gotten wet from the boiling water he had set up in his own makeshift tent near the Merlo... more
      • His voice was only too familiar to her ears. "Oh, it's you again," she grumbled as she approached him, though she didn't really mean it and her mouth tugged up in a faint smile. She'd been wondering... more
        • Might be better for my health though.Calix, Fri Jan 28 15:04
          Encouraged by what he hoped was a genuine smile from her, however faint, his own mouth spread into a lazed grin. "I would have to have a death wish to want to stalk you." In all seriousness, there... more
          • Hey, I haven't actually killed you yet..Liana, Fri Jan 28 19:08
            She continued to ignore him as he spoke up. At least, she appeared to, though in reality she was listening to his every word. A feeling of almost-warmth spread across her at his disregard for the... more
            • It's the "yet" I'm worried about.Calix, Sat Jan 29 00:21
              His body stiffened in shock as something small just barreled into her, slamming against the back of her head. He had taken absolutely no notice of the balls whizzing about the pitch, his attention... more
              • Bah, don't worry. I'm perfectly harmless.Liana, Sat Jan 29 15:49
                "I'm fine, I think. Just sore." She winced as her fingers brushed against the bruised bump, and her mind automatically flashed back to the last time she'd been beaten in the head. Ouch. "I hate head... more
                • Right now I guess I'm my own worst enemy.Calix, Mon Jan 31 01:39
                  "Incredibly nice?" He raised a brow, raising a finger to his lips, face deadpan. "Shh. Don't tell anybody. Would ruin my rep." He watched her transfigure something beautiful out of his cigarettes and ... more
                  • And here I thought I was the only one.Liana, Mon Jan 31 12:47
                    "Don't worry." She grinned at him and winked before returning her gaze upwards. "Your secret's safe with me." This time she hadn't even said anything particularly interesting and yet for some reason... more
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