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It's the "yet" I'm worried about.
Sat Jan 29, 2011 00:21

His body stiffened in shock as something small just barreled into her, slamming against the back of her head. He had taken absolutely no notice of the balls whizzing about the pitch, his attention stolen by her. He watched as she disarmed all three remaining makeshift bludgers, and then promptly fell to the ground. He looked down at her, concern flitting past his face, as she seemed to look up at him with unfocused eyes. "Harley Girl?" He asked warily. "You okay?"

At her question he circled around her, taking out his cigarette and once again snuffing out the flickering embers... only to awaken a new one. Doubting that she was seriously injured, he allowed himself a small smile before assuming a serious expression as he crouched behind her back. "My sister Selene is training to be a physical therapist for the Holyhead Harpies." He took her hand firmly and lifted it off the back of her scalp and settled in into her lap. "She's around battered quidditch players all the time." His fingers gently parted the strands of her hair, lightly massaging their way as they sought the forever (in his mind) blessed bump. "I swear, when we were kids, she used to climb up on the tree we had in our backyard, wait for me to pass on my broom, and then dump rocks and twigs and other stuff on me just so she could injure, operate, and then save me." He found the bump, lightly tracing it with one finger. "Throughout all that pain, I've picked up on a few spells."

Leaning in, doing his best not to smell the scent of her hair, the natural fragrance of her body, he took out his wand and tapped it lightly to her scalp. "Congelo." Right now a feeling akin to her skin suddenly soaking in ice should have been affected He waited until the spell would have made her head numb. "Sana!" He watched in mild disgust and fascination as the bump simply sunk back into her scalp, as if it had never been.

Spending just two seconds longer than necessary staring at the back of her head, 'I'm at least entitled to that much.', he slowly straightened and stood up. "Feel alright, Harley Girl?" He turned away from her, surveying the rest of the pitch. "No more of your flying death traps about to spring up on us, are they?"

  • Hey, I haven't actually killed you yet..Liana, Fri Jan 28 19:08
    She continued to ignore him as he spoke up. At least, she appeared to, though in reality she was listening to his every word. A feeling of almost-warmth spread across her at his disregard for the... more
    • It's the "yet" I'm worried about. — Calix, Sat Jan 29 00:21
      • Bah, don't worry. I'm perfectly harmless.Liana, Sat Jan 29 15:49
        "I'm fine, I think. Just sore." She winced as her fingers brushed against the bruised bump, and her mind automatically flashed back to the last time she'd been beaten in the head. Ouch. "I hate head... more
        • Right now I guess I'm my own worst enemy.Calix, Mon Jan 31 01:39
          "Incredibly nice?" He raised a brow, raising a finger to his lips, face deadpan. "Shh. Don't tell anybody. Would ruin my rep." He watched her transfigure something beautiful out of his cigarettes and ... more
          • And here I thought I was the only one.Liana, Mon Jan 31 12:47
            "Don't worry." She grinned at him and winked before returning her gaze upwards. "Your secret's safe with me." This time she hadn't even said anything particularly interesting and yet for some reason... more
            • He wasn't quite ready to trust his own ears. A broad grin spread across his face but he ducked his head and took one more puff to hide it. "Calix." He looked up, tongue pressed up against his teeth... more
              • Very good indeed. I'm proud of you. xDLiana, Mon Jan 31 22:23
                At the look on his face, a wider smile spread across her own. He seemed to be so tense all the time, and whenever he laughed or smiled like he was doing now, it was such a huge change in him, she... more
                • Walking away now. Walking away.Calix, Sat Feb 5 00:45
                  "Surprise you..." He repeated slowly. "All right. I think I can manage that." Part of him was relieved by the lifted pressure, but another part of him felt disappointed. Dates were supposed to be... more
                  • Watching you walk away.Liana, Sat Feb 5 18:48
                    She shifted closer to Calix as he pointed his wand towards the cigarette, extremely curious to see what he was going to do. Her dark eyes tracked every move of his wand and the response of the... more
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