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Hector Edwards
Doing my thing
Wed Feb 9, 2011 21:36

There was one thing Hector never ever skipped of his daily routine, and that was working-out. His body hadn’t been provided by magic, he had it because he had worked for it. One of the few things the blonde had actually worked for, but that was another matter entirely. He did not care if it was done during the day or night or afternoon, as long as he did it. It was the only consistent thing in his life, it happened no matter what. There were always new girls to impress, and a fit body was a requirement for such a sport. Also, since Quidditch had been sort of cancelled (he was planning on making it happen, one way or another), and he had lost his daily dose of exercise. That was exactly why he had gone to the Quidditch Pitch to work-out. It kept him healthy and sane. Not to mention that it was another distraction from the dullness that was SUM. He hoped that the arrival of Alessandra would liven up the place, he was sure she would, but until that happened he needed something to do. Well, besides everything that was in his very full agenda.

The blonde sophomore spent the better part of the late afternoon doing exercise, and he decided to finish his routine with a good old run around the Pitch. About 10 laps sounded good enough, he could run more, but he had other ideas to finish his calorie burning routine for today, and it involved Mia. He deserved it, he had been good and made people miserable today, and he wanted some kind of retribution for his good day at the office (who would have thought that the word office would become part of his vocabulary?). He practically supported his future wife; the money for the expensive gifts had to come from somewhere (Father). Actually, working was just for fun, and Merlin did he have fun!

Hector was wearing black exercise pants with red stripes running down the sides. At some point, he had taken off his shirt because it was annoyingly clinging to his body. Every muscle on his upper body was visible, just not in an exaggerated manner, the right amount to be hot without looking desperate. In his opinion, he had a very very good body, and he loved to show it. Why not? It was a sight to be seen.

He was finishing his last lap when he realized someone had entered the Pitch. He slowed down, glanced the person’s way and headed to the stands to look for the bottle of water he had left with his stuff. Without a worry in the world, he drank some of it and cleaned his sweat with a towel. He looked up, “I am done. The Pitch is all yours.” Hector had other fun plans after taking a shower, or during the shower. Who knew.

    • Doing my thing, tooElly Eriksson, Thu Feb 10 11:07
      Despite the fact that, as usual, she had already been down to the pitch first thing in the morning for a try-out, Elly found herself there again in the later afternoon. The morning hadn't gone... more
      • The person that had entered the Pitch was none other than Elly-waitress. For some reason, he liked her. Elly was funny, care-free, and just saw everything in a very positive light. Something Hector... more
        • I happen to agreeElly, Sat Feb 12 14:51
          "Quite the contrary Elly, you won’t be spending time with me," Hector said. "Haha," Elly replied with mild sarcasm. She knew Hector well enough to know that you couldn't be friends with him without... more
          • We agree to agree. Awesome,Hector, Tue Feb 15 22:06
            As a way of cooling off after his exercise routine, Hector began stretching before actually leaving the Pitch. His hazel eyes were subtly looking Elly over. He couldn’t help it, he really appreciated ... more
            • Yep, awesome. Now buzz off. Thanks :DElly, Wed Feb 16 07:07
              It was somehow surprising sometimes when Elly's friends didn't know who Saul was. Most of her friends knew Saul, and those who didn't had usually heard Elly mention him when she talked about... more
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