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Elly Eriksson
Doing my thing, too
Thu Feb 10, 2011 11:07

Despite the fact that, as usual, she had already been down to the pitch first thing in the morning for a try-out, Elly found herself there again in the later afternoon. The morning hadn't gone especially well - she had slipped on the ground when pushing to take off, and her ankle had sprained a little. She'd done a few minutes training anyway, casting a cooling charm on her ankle to reduce potential swelling, but in the end her common sense had gotten the better of her and she'd stopped flying to go and rest it, and take advantage of the extra time to re-read her potions textbook. Again. Tomorrow she was planning on asking Allsman if she could TA for the lower years potions classes, so it didn't hurt for her to be well-versed in her subject.

After a day of walking to class and a short lunchtime shift at the cafe, Elly thought her ankle was fine, she didn't need to bother the medic with it. She'd always been a clumsy individual, so bumps and bruises were nothing new to the junior student, and she didn't cause unnecessary fuss. She was, however, keen to make up the practise time she'd lost earlier in the day. So once she'd finished writing up the essay she'd been working on all week, the redhead changed into black sweatpants and vest top, and pulled on a green hoodie over the top until she'd warmed up. Her Quidditch pumps felt more restrictive on her feet that the fabric slip-ons she'd been wearing the rest of the day, but walking wasn't a problem. Intending to full stretch out her ankle before kicking off again, she walked rather than flew over to the pitch, and was actually surprised that there was only one other person there. When she came down a little after six o'clock in the morning it didn't surprise her that the pitch was deserted, but on a pleasant afternoon she'd have thought it would be thriving. As it was, the other person seemed to be leaving.

"I am done. The Pitch is all yours." Elly looked up at the person properly, and recognised Hector Edwards. She supposed it made sense that the other person on the pitch was also someone who'd been on the Quidditch team last year, but then he didn't actually look like he'd been playing Quidditch. He looked like he'd bee running - something Elly was not about to try on her ankle today. She sometimes ran when she had extra energy to burn, but essentially she just warmed up with a few stretches and did Quidditch drills. She'd always been on the skinny side, and playing Seeker had kept her fit enough throughout her teenaged years that she hadn't really considered any other sports in a good long while.

"Lucky me," Elly replied, leaning her broomstick up the stands momentarily while she pulled a hair elastic from her wrist and began scooping up her orange curls into a ponytail. When her hair was secured, she took a moment to stretch her foot out - she pointed her toe up and down in front of her, checking for any pain. It felt stiff but okay, a bit sore but nothing like this morning when she'd first twisted it.

  • Doing my thingHector Edwards, Wed Feb 9 21:36
    There was one thing Hector never ever skipped of his daily routine, and that was working-out. His body hadnít been provided by magic, he had it because he had worked for it. One of the few things the ... more
    • Doing my thing, too — Elly Eriksson, Thu Feb 10 11:07
      • The person that had entered the Pitch was none other than Elly-waitress. For some reason, he liked her. Elly was funny, care-free, and just saw everything in a very positive light. Something Hector... more
        • I happen to agreeElly, Sat Feb 12 14:51
          "Quite the contrary Elly, you wonít be spending time with me," Hector said. "Haha," Elly replied with mild sarcasm. She knew Hector well enough to know that you couldn't be friends with him without... more
          • We agree to agree. Awesome,Hector, Tue Feb 15 22:06
            As a way of cooling off after his exercise routine, Hector began stretching before actually leaving the Pitch. His hazel eyes were subtly looking Elly over. He couldnít help it, he really appreciated ... more
            • Yep, awesome. Now buzz off. Thanks :DElly, Wed Feb 16 07:07
              It was somehow surprising sometimes when Elly's friends didn't know who Saul was. Most of her friends knew Saul, and those who didn't had usually heard Elly mention him when she talked about... more
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