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I happen to agree
Sat Feb 12, 2011 14:51

"Quite the contrary Elly, you won’t be spending time with me," Hector said.

"Haha," Elly replied with mild sarcasm. She knew Hector well enough to know that you couldn't be friends with him without being friends with his Ego, and that was okay with Elly. The more the merrier, she always thought - and it was just as well, because Hector didn't actually seem to be leaving, as Elly had presumed. He asked her about her summer, which wasn't usually a way of saying goodbye. "It was okay," she replied non-committally. "Saw my parents, stayed with Saul, did a bit of travelling round Europe." She shrugged. "The usual." Elly grinned after the last comment - she knew her summer wasn't typical by any means compared to most other people, but it felt like just about every other summer she'd ever had, except this time she'd done less work than usual. To fund her travelling (and college) she usually had to work in the holidays, but since she'd been working at Deja for two years she'd been able to take the summer off on this occasion.

"How about you?" she returned the question to Hector as she stretched out her back and waist (otherwise leaning and reaching for the Snitch could be problematic). She imagined Hector's summer was spent at lavish parties, and that he probably did some travelling, too. She was just guessing based on the little she knew about the sophomore, combined with the little she knew about Mia, his fiancée.

As she finished stretch, Elly reached for her broomstick. She didn't want to be rude to hector and end their conversation just for the sake of it, but then she had come here to fly. She guessed she could hold off a few more minutes if necessary. She'd have asked Hector if he wanted to fly with her, but he'd obviously just finihsed a workout of some other kind, and she couldn't see his broom anywhere in the vicinity.

  • The person that had entered the Pitch was none other than Elly-waitress. For some reason, he liked her. Elly was funny, care-free, and just saw everything in a very positive light. Something Hector... more
    • I happen to agree — Elly, Sat Feb 12 14:51
      • We agree to agree. Awesome,Hector, Tue Feb 15 22:06
        As a way of cooling off after his exercise routine, Hector began stretching before actually leaving the Pitch. His hazel eyes were subtly looking Elly over. He couldn’t help it, he really appreciated ... more
        • Yep, awesome. Now buzz off. Thanks :DElly, Wed Feb 16 07:07
          It was somehow surprising sometimes when Elly's friends didn't know who Saul was. Most of her friends knew Saul, and those who didn't had usually heard Elly mention him when she talked about... more
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